The Legend, the Man, the Dude That Still Is - Our Rocky Fella

by Lisa
(London, England)

Rocky in his favourite chair

Rocky in his favourite chair

Oh where do I start? Wow, never felt pain like this.

My best friend was put to sleep on March 27 2015, after 13 and a half years with us, having been in our family from 4 weeks old. How we loved that little man.

Each visit to the vet, for a checkup or a nail clip, they would remark how well and healthy he was for his age. Even back in January, when he seemed a little 'off,' they said he was fine. So on Wednesday when he couldn't get out of bed, or get down the stairs, I thought he was a little constipated, as he looked bloated. After not much improvement the following day, I took him to the vet, thinking I would get some laxatives or something for him. (I had never taken him to the vet before, my husband always had, I had always been too scared, in case something was wrong with him).

This day I was so convinced he was going to be ok I took him. At 3pm I was told it looked like he had internal bleeding and probably a tumour, but an ultrasound scan would be more definite. I did not believe what I was hearing. Impossible! However it was a liver tumour.

At 7.28 that evening, in my husband's arms, our angel sent to us from heaven went to sleep, surrounded by all who loved him.

Well, Rocky, you changed all our lives, and loved everyone you met. You were the most respected and loved dog, and everyone who ever met you is devastated.

I cry every day when I am in the house on my own. I miss you immeasurably. You were always by my side, even in the bathroom! Daddy misses you at night, that's when he cries because he slept with you in his arms every night. Zak misses his little brother, talking to you about your day, and Chenaie & Jay miss looking after you and telling you how much they love you.

But I keep telling us all that you wouldn't want us upset as you didn't like it when anyone was unhappy. We still have all your 'bits' and daddy is looking after Taz for you in his drawer. I wish with all my heart you were still here, but baby boy, I will see you again one day, and give you a belly tickle again.

Thank you, Rocky, for being in our family and giving us all so much happiness. Rest in peace, fella. x

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Thank You for Your Kind Words
by: Lisa

Fancine and Sara, thank you for taking the time to read about my little man. Your comments mean a great deal to me. It is so painful, isn't it?

The vet said he had probably had the tumour for a long time, he was so swollen with the internal bleeding and probably wouldn't have made it through the night.

It was a complete shock. I had no time to prepare. And to think, he tried to hide it from me and carry on as usual when he obviously had been unwell for a while.

I do know what you are both going through, and my deepest genuine sympathy to you both. But how lucky were we to have had the joy we had with our loves.

Sara, I agree with you entirely that we probably need them more than they need us, and yes, I would do it all again, just to have my baby back in my arms. Wishing you both well.


So, So Sad to Read
by: Francine

My deepest sympathy on your loss. I cried reading your letter as I had to put down my little boy of almost thirteen years last February.

Our Jake also had a tumor and was expected to not live too long but he managed without suffering to stay with us an extra 2 years.

When reading your memorial, it was like I was writing it myself and the pain all came back. To this day we cannot bring ourselves to put any of his things away, like his bed, toys and collar.

Be strong. Like you, I feel that some day we will all be back together.

P.S. You can see our memorial under Our Beloved Jake.

I Feel Your Pain
by: Sara

My very beautiful German Shepherd Jen died in my arms yesterday. I also had to make the decision for the vet to end her suffering. She was 12 and a half.

I have never known heartache like this. She was loved and loved in return. I rescued her many years ago but came to realise I needed her even more than she needed me.

I wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss, and let you know that my family and I are going through the same.

Somebody told me that loving a dog was investing in a sure tragedy. That person wasn't wrong, sadly, but I would do it all again for her, as I am sure you would too. Take care.

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