The Boss - The Best Pup a Papa Could Ask For

On 17 Aug, 2014, we laid our beautiful, eccentric, kind, stubborn, huge hearted and godsend of a pup down. Boss was her name, and we knew it. However, we also called her Paw (or Little Paw).

She was diagnosed with bladder cancer July 2013 and battled to stay in this world. She finally gave me the signal when she had enough.

This was an impossible decision. We had them do it on her favorite spot on the couch, with us holding and kissing her and our tears running on to her little head. She went peacefully but did take several deep breaths through her nose as if she was saying goodbye.

I had the pleasure of being with her for 11.4 years. She taught me so much about life and will always be my best friend and saving grace. She and I traveled the world together, and lived all over.

Every person and place was the same when they got introduced to Boss. They loved her. She didn't have a mean bone in her body and she was so patient with me.

I don't know how to stop waiting to see her first thing when I wake up, first thing when I get home and last when I go to sleep. Her little bed is still on the floor next to mine and her favorite stuffed pug is on the couch.

I miss you, Boss. I will never forget. I'm so grateful for our time. I love you,


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The Joy We Had With Them
by: Dawn

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I too had to put my dog down. It was the hardest thing I had to do. I knew his time was coming to an end. I just wasn't ready for it to be now. With my husband being in and out of the hospital, Jose (my dog) was holding me together.

I can't seem to stop crying. Please tell me, how long does the hurting last?

so sorry
by: Pugsly's Mom

It's been almost 3 years since I lost my boy. The hole he left in my life can not be filled. But for all those times he stood by me, made me laugh, exasperated me, and loved me, I will forever grateful stay.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

The Boss
by: Lorraine

I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby. I too know how difficult it is to make the decision and to lose an angel. They give us so much and ask for so little.

I pray to give you strength through this difficult time. Boss knows she was loved. She has now gone home. God must have needed another beautiful soul.

Bladder Cancer
by: Linda

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my best friend, Suki, to bladder cancer 2 months ago. He was the best.

Like you, I was always excited to see him in the morning, and likewise to say good night at night. He too slept by my bed.

I hope someday they have a cure for this horrible cancer. It just doesn't seem right.

I hope your girl didn't suffer too much. I'm sure you did everything you could to make her life more comfortable. I did the same for my Suki.

God bless you. May your love for your little Boss someday boomerang and bring you all the joy you deserve. It will.

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