The Best Poopito Chipalito Ever

by Alessandra D'Atri
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

This is a memorial dedicated to a dog named Chippy who was and will always be so much more than "just a dog." He was born in August of 98 and I was blessed to adopt him from the ASPCA on April 15 of 99. From the first evening I brought him "home" it was where he belonged. Full of love to give, we embarked on a journey together through the next 13 years of his life. He passed away in my arms, taking his last breath on April 13th 2010.

Chippy changed my life. He just loved love. He had such a presence about him, a fantastic bounce in his step depending on his mood, which was always molded around mine. Everyone loved him, would stop and want to meet him. He was quite the carefree spirit and would, most times, just keep walking; yet always looking back for me and never straying far. He was quiet and calm, ignoring the yaps of other four-legged souls and never wanting to be bothered by being pounced upon. He loved children and was the best judge of character amongst people. Our bed was his bed and the best mornings entailed waking up with him on his back, head back and paws up in the air, or during the winter months, finding him buried under the covers with only his little black olive nose poking through.

We have the best of memories together, from funny to sad, from his late puppy stage of chewing the insoles of sneakers, throwing up the chewed insoles of sneakers, taking out all his toys and leaving them about the apartment floor amongst scattered newspapers and magazines, to finding his way, only once in his life, to the top of the kitchen table to eat a half a tray of home made brownies; only to wind up in the emergency room with charcoal all over his face to absorb the theobromine. He would travel with me to Florida to visit family, sitting under my seat in his Sherpa, once wiggling his way out of his bag mid-flight as I fell asleep and was the entertainment on board walking his walk up and down the aisles. Chippy was funny, among being precious, loyal, loving, dignified and cherished.

He was born with an abnormally large heart, which was very appropriate. I can say that he gave me so much more than I feel I could have ever given him and am completely blessed that he was ever brought into my life. Passing away of heart complications and chronic kidney failure, he fought to stay with us with us after our incredible family vet of over twenty years was honest to say that there wasn't anything else to try.

He never suffered yet stayed until his last day where he left a forever mark in my heart by adhering to my last request of him dying in my arms. I don't know how I could ever repay him. I am left with a sadness in my heart of not seeing him physically with me anymore, smelling his sweet smell that he always had, or looking into his gorgeous big black eyes, but I am forever blessed and truly grateful for having been able to know him and love him for the years we had together. I will always love my poopito chipalito, my chipaldo, my chipaquito. His mark will forever be on my heart. He is irreplaceable and one of a kind.

No matter where life may take me, I know that Chippy will always be there. Hoping to adopt another blessed four-legged furry soul leaves me with the anticipation of making sure that everything Chippy taught us is transferred over to our new found family member, which has yet to be found. I believe that Chippy will guide us to where we need to find him or her when the time is right.

So, my Chippy, my little sack of potatoes, my spoonful of peanut butter, my most precious gift of life, I love you today and will continue to love you for every day until we see each other again. Thank you for everything.

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by: Alessandra D'Atri

My sweetheart, my sack of potatoes, I love you. The memory of you is embedded in my soul. You will always be my bowl full of sugar. You left this world four years ago and I miss you.

My Chippuccio
by: Evangelina

I weep as I read the passing of the puppy who had nothing but love to give. The way he would hug my forearm to keep me from leaving, and shower me with the sweetest of kisses forever and ever.

To the dog who won my heart from the first millisecond and made me adopt dogs of my own.

Chippuccio, you will forever live in my heart. I cherish your memory.

Besos y abrazos, my little angel

My Boopie!
by: Holly Pixie

This is absolutely beeYOUteeful! Thank you so much for sharing. I miss him as well. I love what you wrote as you are so beeYOUteeful as well!

Chippy is in our hearts and will continue to be always and forever! <3 xo Pixie

Great story
by: Gerard

Lovely story.

I remember feeling somehow cheated that my dog Major did not die in ym arms. I have never had anyone die in my arms, so I honestly don't know if I would feel better or worse or would have been traumatised, but I felt that I owed it to him to be there, to hold him close, to not let him spend his last moments alone.

I hate it when people say 'it is/was just a dog.'

I don't hate the people who say it though, I pity them, for they have never felt that bond.
They have either never 'owned' a dog or never felt a bond with one (perhaps they just haven't met the right dog?)

There is a huge difference between being a Dog Owner and a Dog Lover.

Do you OWN a wife or husband?

OWN a child?

My dog Major was not my property, he was a friend, a partner, a sidekick.

This was precious to read
by: Mad

This was precious to read, It made me cry thinking of all the things you made me remember. I don't think DAD is ready to read this. I think he will fall apart.

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