The Best a Shaggy Shih Tsu Could Be!!

by Karen
(Port Coquitlam, Canada)

You're The Best, Shaggy!!

You're The Best, Shaggy!!

Shaggy was someone else's for the first 9 months of his life. They were elderly and could not look after him. So I went to see him.

What a Cute Mess!! He was terribly matted, smelly, peed on the floor, his ears were infected and so were his eyes. But under all that, his eyes met mine and I knew I wouldn't leave without him.
I took him straight to the doggy salon and brought him home with super short hair and a bow in his hair.

My son Cameron fell in love with him at first sight. Out came the bow and we were soon calling him "Shaggy." Everyone loved Shaggy. He was a "Pillow Dog" who liked to eat, sleep, and get his fair share of "Lovins", from all.

He had lots of nicknames; Shaggy-Doo, Shaggadelic, Shaggarific, Shaggy Shaggy Shitzoo, The Shag Man, ShagaDemus, and oh so many more... all just about how much we loved him.

He was always sick, unfortunately, allergies & skin conditions. We called him my $20,000.00 Dog. As the years passed, it got worse and worse. He was on steroids, anti-fungals, antibiotics, ear drops, and eye drops, and he needed to be bathed daily. He hated it...I did this for 4 years until October 2008. Until I couldn't watch him suffer anymore.

This was when I decided he needed me to put him out of his misery and only I could do that. To be responsible for this decision, is still plaguing me today. The experience in the veterinarian's office was sickening. He asked if I was sure? I said yes, then while I held Shaggy, the vet put a huge needle into Shaggy's foot. He CRIED In PAIN for about ten seconds and then was gone. That's when I became a "murderer" in my mind. He could have lasted a few more years is what I started to think.

Now some 4 and a half months later, I cry everyday for what I have done. I feel extreme guilt along with extreme remorse. What gave me the right to decide his fate? How do I know that he wanted that? I don't!!! Of all the things I have done in my life, this has changed me the most. I loved my 13 years with Shaggy.

I also have another dog, Spike, who is almost 14 and has always been extremely healthy body wise, with some definite mental issues. He and Shaggy were pals, and Spike is also still grieving the loss of Shaggy.

I want the world to know that I loved Shaggy with all my heart, and I pray that I will find some peace regarding this issue.

Shaggy, you were the best dog ever in my life. I loved your personality, that "I am better than everyone else" attitude (because believe me you were). I will miss you always, and think of you often...

So until we meet again in heaven, I know that Lindsay is there with you looking after you and fluffing your pillows...



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Shaggy's Mom
by: Sam & Shirley Lasley

Dear Shaggy's Mom,

My wife and I know exactly how you feel about putting your loving companion down. Just before Christmas we had to euthanize our beloved Rikki, who was blind, nearly deaf, had arthritis, and a digestive disorder. The Vet told us it was the right thing to do, but when I made the decision, our dog kissed me on the nose and then kissed Shirley. When the needle went in, she didn't cry out in pain, but looked at us as if to say goodbye and we also told her we would see her in Heaven. If dogs don't go to Heaven then we want to go where dogs go.

When she collapsed in my arms it broke my heart, and we cried for days. Like you, I felt that my decision was murder and that I should have done more, however, she was 18 and we had her for nearly 16 wonderful years. Life will never be the same for us, as we are in our mid to late 70's and no other dog could ever replace our "Rikki."

Please know that we will pray that you come to accept the loss, and lose your guilt while knowing that we need healing too. God bless you and keep little Shaggy in His arms.

Sam & Shirley Lasley
2718 Redford Ct. E.
Clearwater, FL 33761

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