Thank You, My Darling Girl

by Jan O'Connor

Bella Blue

Bella Blue

Thank you, Bella, for spending 12 years with me. Thank you for the unconditional love, those soft as silk ears that held all those whispered secrets that only we shared.

You were only a little dog but oh my word what a huge hole you have left in my heart. It has been less than a week since we parted but it seems like minutes.

I can't seem to manage without you here somehow. The pain and the loneliness seem overwhelming.

I picked up your coat today, held it to my face and breathed in your familiar smell. For a few precious minutes I had you back with me. I haven't moved your bed yet, it's still right next to mine, almost as if it's waiting for you.

I never realised how big the bathroom is, probably because it's just me in there now. You haven't followed me in there to curl up and watch with amusement as I wash my hair or have a shower.

Bella, something in me has died along with you, but remember the promise we made "For near and far, forever and always."

Sleep well, little one.

Bella was my Shih Tzu, best friend, confidante and constant shadow. We were together for 12 years. Only someone who is going through this will ever understand the gut-wrenching pain, the emptiness and the tears that come freely.

Tomorrow I will walk on the beach and picture her racing around with her ears blowing back and the sheer joy on her face and take the same route home we always did. Maybe I'll see her there, just a quick glimpse.

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Sending Hugs
by: Ceri

Sleep tight, Dinki. Say hello to my best ever buddy, Winnie.

I am sorry to hear you have lost your little sweetheart, but it is lovely that you were there at the end. I am replying to you as I remember how alone I felt with my grief when my little shih tzu left me! I know how it feels to have your heart ripped out and the accompanying unbearable longing.

I now have another little shih tzu called Lottie. It is not the same but I see it that I was lucky enough to have Winnie by my side through my 20s. I wanted another companion through my 30s. :0) I hope to have a pack of shih tzus waiting for me at rainbow bridge, headed by my beloved Winnie.

My little message on Winnie's casket is ....

Wait, be patient .... I will see you when I get there :0)

Dinki will wait for you, whether it's at rainbow bridge or eternal oblivion. You will eventually be together.

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. :0)
Feel privileged that you were lucky enough to have had the whole of Dinki's life, and feel happy that Dinki had a bloody ball whilst she was here with you.

Hope this helps.

Much love,

by: Dave

Our Shi Tzu Dinki waited till we got home on Jan 2 2015 to have her 2nd and final stroke. We got to hold her at the end. It's like she waited till after the Holidays and we were both there.

I told her 5 minutes earlier that whoever gets to the rainbow bridge first waits for the other guy. I am 6'4" and that little 9 lb dog has torn out my heart.

May God be with you and comfort you. I believe God puts them here for us, then takes them away to remind us where we got them.

God bless you and your little dog.

Bella Blue
by: Ceri

I am in tears reading about your darling Bella Blue.

Two years ago today I picked my beautiful little sweetheart shih tzu Winnie from the vets after she didn't make it through an op. We too spent 12 years together.

She was my most loyal friend. She never let me down and shared every moment with me. I was absolutely besotted and started to believe she would live forever.

I know too well the pain that you are going through, the unbearable longing for kisses and cuddles.

It is such a sad time. It does get easier. You will have overwhelming moments couple of years down the line, but much less frequently.

Much love,
Ceri, South Wales

Losing a First Friend
by: Karen

I know how you are feeling and what you are going through. It's heart-breaking.

I lost my staffie cross Romeo five weeks ago now and I am struggling each day without him, crying and missing him. My heart aches. xx

Your Darling
by: Lynne

Oh God it's so hard. I lost my Milo yesterday to stomach cancer, which I didn't know he had. I cant cope I keep crying and crying, then I think of the good times and smile.

I am sorry about your loss, and I know how you feel. It never goes away.


Forever in Your Heart
by: Carrie

I am so sorry about your loss! Losing our fur-babies is heart-rending.

May you find peace in the memories you have of time together.

It's been two years since my babies went to the rainbow bridge and I still think about and miss them both every day!

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