Thank You for 13 Years

by KLR
(Pasig City, Philippines)

Queenie, Japanese Spitz

Queenie, Japanese Spitz

I am writing this so Queenie's memory will forever live on. She will always live with me and my family til we are gone, but she deserves a public memorial since she was such a great, devoted dog.

I can only hope that she didn't suffer as much as I think she did before we had to let her go. We found a lump in her breast. Within 2-3 weeks it had spread so aggressively that two of her legs were swollen.

She could no longer eat, she had stopped barking (and she was a great barker), she was incontinent, and it was very difficult for her to lie down.

When she wanted to sleep she would remain seated and lean against the wall, but she would slide and fall over then wake up. It was difficult to watch, but for sure more difficult and painful for her.

We had to bury her in the lot of the PAWS animal shelter in an unmarked grave. It seems unglamorous, but since we don't have a yard or any good place to bury her, it is a comfort to me knowing she rests there even though it's not home.

At least she will rest undisturbed, overlooking the city, surrounded by plants and trees.

We loved her dearly, even though my dad didn't even want to get her at first (she was a gift from my mom's cousin). But she became like a child to us, and she especially latched on to my dad -- she always greeted him ecstatically even though he just left to buy the newspaper.

Even in her final moments, it was his hand that she buried her furry head in. When she had stopped eating, he even cooked her different meaty stews to see if she would eat them.

She was a great comfort to us, to me. She was always there. She would nudge my hand to wake me up so I could pet her. She hated it when I flicked her ears. She hated baths. But she loved belly rubs, head rubs, and nose rubs, and loved sniffing at anything and everything.

We brought her to the beach once and she yelped at the heat of the sand. We took her on long road trips to the province and she would sometimes throw up in the car.

She chased the birds, barked at anyone who passed within 5 feet of the front door, would look up at us while we ate, jumped at us when we came home, never judged us, and loved us unconditionally.

She lived a good 13 years, born around January or February 2003 until we had to put her to sleep today, September 16, 2016.

We love you Queenie. I will miss the pitter-patter of your little paws on the floor, and the hugs that you let me give you.

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Happy Times
by: Marissa

I am so sorry for your loss. I personally know the pain of losing a pet. My dog Rusty was with me for 15 years.

My grief was so deep I couldn't function for two weeks, it was truly horrible.

I honestly believe we will see our beloved pets once again.

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