Sweet, Sweet Camille

by Jennifer
(New York City)

I named you Camille because you were a huge, female basset hound puppy and needed a strong name because 'delicate' you were not. For almost 12 years you brought to us more laughter, more sweetness, more joyous fun, more unconditional friendship every day than what we deserved.

You just loved us and wanted to be with us for no other reason than just because you loved us. How fortunate we were to have had you during a most difficult time in life...

You were pure joy wrapped up in a long, long body with long ears, short legs, an exquisite shiny coat, a ravenous appetite, and a face that seemed to smile when your tail was spinning like a helicopter's propeller!

You were loved by our NYC homeless guy friend...he sang, "Nothin' But a Hound Dog" every time you waddled by. You were the center of attention at Madison Square Park; at the Flat Iron building; on Park Avenue; at the Central Park Paws Dog Festival; and...

...when you died, we cried, and do so every night when we see that your bed is no more. Your buddy Lonnie, who presents himself so macho to the world, cried and still does when he talks about you. He misses you too!

Thank you for loving us humans as you did. Know that we have thanked God for the privilege of having been entrusted with you, one of God's most beautiful, peaceful, and sweetest of His creatures.

We love you and always will.

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by: Ursula

Hi Jennifer

i am sorry for your loss of your Doggy Freand. I can understand your sadness as i just have lost my lovely little doggy.

But I still have another Doggy, 7 years old, and only the thought that he also has to go one day makes me very sad.

But the good thing, we keep them always in our heart and in our spirits. They are never forgotten.


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