Sunny - The Mightiest King of All

by Sylvia

Everyone underestimated you. You had just been hit by a car and your leg was still healing when I first saw you 14 years ago. You were dirty, smelly, and aloof. But when I saw you that day in 7th grade, I knew I loved you. Everyone looked past you with your limp and your matted fur. Everyone underestimated you. That is, everyone but me. You had always been so cunning, so smart, so much cleverer than all those other dogs. When I looked at you I saw a wise (and mischievous) man behind those furry ears and brown eyes.

Your favorite thing to do was to sneak out of the gate when no one was looking to go on your own adventure. I always imagined you trotting along, wind blowing through your gray and yellow fur, sniffing bushes to your heart's content, and loving the thrill of breaking all the rules. If you could smile as humans could, you'd have the biggest smile on your face as you wagged your tail and ran through the neighborhood like the king you were. And after the adventuring was done, you always came back.

You knew how to enjoy only the best things in life. You demanded the best food; you held out for the real meaty stuff, spurned chicken and fake bacon, and knocked over your bowl in contempt. I gotta say, I admired your sassiness and love how you drove my parents crazy. That's why we're two peas in a pod.

Best of all, you loved me the most. To me, you were always my family. I know that no one else treated you that way and I was the only one who came home to bathe you, to teach you tricks, and to play with you. I hope you know how much I loved you.

I'm so sorry I went away all those years in school. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you on your last adventure. I'm so very sorry I couldn't be there to save you. You were my best friend through these 14 years and I will always miss you.

Sunny, my love, may you rest in peace. One day we will be together again.

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by: Angela

This really made my heart feel such peace, knowing how much love you shared with your precious Sunny. You will always have each other in your hearts and that is the bond that is so special.

Sunny so Sunny
by: Susan

Yes, sounds just like my love, spreading joy and gaiety all around, loving everybody haunting the kitchen for the best and just smiling all the while. We had him on earth for 13 1/2 years and he will be bounding around heaven and in our hearts and minds now, so,loving.

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