Stitches (my Dalmatian)

by Marie
(Orlando, Fl)

It has been almost a month since Stitches died in her sleep near the bottom of my bed. I am still grieving for her.

Stitches came into my life in the year 1993. My mother put her dog into a kennel to be taken care of while she was away. My Mom told me to go check on her dog maybe once while she was gone to see how the dog was doing. I did and that was where I first saw Stitches in a cage with nothing blocking the sun from her and lying on a hard cement floor.

I went to the owners and asked if I could have that dalmatian that was in the back. They said Yes, if I was willing to breed her. At that point I said yes just to get her out of that place. Never did breed her or see those people again.

I got her and bought her home. She was a little scared of me but still would wag her tail every time she saw me. I spoiled her so much that she always slept on my bed and had to have pillows to sleep on. Also on cold nights she would steal my blankets if I did not have them tucked under me.

She grew to become my best friend in no time and we would travel together on trips out of town. She would always know when I was going on a trip. When she saw the suitcase she would put her bone in it as if to say "Don't forget my things and me."

I will never forget you, Stitches, and how you got your name. I was told you had to have Stitches when you were a pup because your mother cut you with her nail. I will never forget your dance you did with your tail when I came home each day, and all the smiles you gave me, as you do know Dalmatians do SMILE.

Stitches you always did smile for me. Thank you for a wonderful 15 years with you beside me every step of the way.

I love you and miss you so much, Stitches.

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Harvey, My Friend
by: Sue

I lost my friend last week. We only had 8 and a half years, but they were wonderful. Everyone should know and love a dalmatian.


I met Shane when I met my wife. Although hesitant at first, he soon became "my" dog. Always there to greet me when I came home, always ready to play, and good natured - he had so much love to give. He loved a good hug, and was always the last to let go.

It broke my heart to watch him go - he was only 12 and so full of life. I will never forget my beautiful friend that was so much a part of my family.

Lazy Daisy
by: Bonnie

This August will be 2 years since my Daisy went to heaven. She was a shelter dog and the sweetest Dalmatian ever. I still miss her so very much. She was almost 16 years old.

Thank you, Daisy, for always being there for me. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I know the day I come home to see the good Lord you will be waiting for me with that big smile of yours.

Love you always, and miss you dearly.

by: Anonymous

Our dear Dal died just four days ago. She was almost 15. I got her as a pup. She was the sweetest dog, truly my best friend.

We'll miss her, always. Her name was Marley May. Sharing your loss...

Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I just lost my Dalmatian. She was over 14 years old and I had her since she was a puppy. I miss her so much, just as you miss Stitches.

True Love
by: Anonymous

That is such a sweet story. Ii lost my chow/lab mix back in June and I miss her every day. She was sort of like your dog. Every time I picked up my car keys or put on my shoes, she was ready to go. It did not matter where, even if it was just to the corner store. She also came from an abused life and neglect. We had her for 12 years and the whole time she was alive, her days were happy and full of love.

It gets easier...
by: Anonymous

So sorry for your loss. My dal died in February just before his fourteenth birthday. I had him since he was a pup. After he passed, I used to think about him and get teary eyed. Recently when I think of the good times we had, I begin to smile instead. Remember the good times, you will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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