Spunky, You Will Always Have My Heart

by Jay

Such a beautiful face, Spunky

Such a beautiful face, Spunky

I went to the shelter looking for a dog to help me get over the loss of one of my 2 sister dogs in 1997. Spunky picked me, playing with her sisters and then coming to sit by me.

After a few disciplinary things, you turned into the dog I had always dreamed of having. You knew because of my pain I couldn't do a lot of things.

You just seemed to sense what I needed. Picking up things I dropped, learning to walk off leash and coming to me when I called, never venturing on the road, never chasing deer or rabbits, mostly you just always wanted to stay at my side.

We had 15 years together and it went too fast. It's been since Oct 2012, and I still cry for you. I miss you so much my heart hurts. You were THE perfect dog for me, and Angel & I miss you something fierce. Angel learned well from you, my dear friend.

Every day I look at a spot you laid in or on the couch behind me where I watch tv. I wish I could reach over and cradle that big old head again and kiss your soft head. I love you so much, Spunky, and always will.

They say not to play faves, but there was just something about you. I could see so much wisdom and love in your eyes. I will remember and love you til I draw my last breath.

I hope then we can be together forever with no pain or fear of death. I love you my sweetheart. You were my heart. Now Angel is stepping up to do what you did; love me like crazy as you did. She reminds me of you in some things.

Til our souls meet again, I love you, Spunky, always. I will never forget you. You have a piece of my heart that no other soul can ever take. That horrible last day, when I held you as the vet injected you and you fought it by pushing upwards towards me, as if saying, please don't let me go, it haunts me still.

God do I miss you, my babe. It is a moment that has haunted me ever since. Forever you will hold my heart, Spunky. Missing you every day....

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Thanks to All Who Wrote
by: Jay

Thanks to all of you who left comments. You don't know how good it is to hear from fellow dog lovers. I am still new to this site and am trying to figure out how to find others' posts (is going to where I would write a memorial the only way?).

Thanks again for everyone's kind words. It means more than you know. I miss my old and best friend so much (but I love my dog I have now just as much, we both have grieved a lot for the past year).

Getting a new cat (a stray that showed up at my mom's last summer) really helped. I took him in in October when it started getting cold and now he's a perfect housepet. He has been a great playmate for my girl.

I hope to adopt another dog sometime, but when, I don't know, as finances are pretty tough. Otherwise there would be one here for her now.

Dogs (and cats) are very sweet animals. I'm just more of a dog person. Thanks again. For all who've read my post, I know you're grieving too. My thoughts are with all of you too.

Sorry for Your Loss
by: Bruce

I lost my dog Amber 2 weeks ago. She used to lay with me on the couch also. It's so hard to sit there with her not being there.

Things of the Heart
by: Rudy

Things of the Heart never end. Spunky will be with you forever.

Missing Your Angel
by: NC

My dear friend, my heart and soul go out to you. I am experiencing the same pain, and it is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced.

Our dear friend will forever stay in our hearts.

May God Bless you and guide you in your new journey.

Love Hurts
by: Wanda

Jay, you were there for Spunky and there is no doubt that Spunky will be there for you when life is over. There is nothing better than a loyal friend to love you, and nothing worse when love hurts.

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