Spot! I Miss You, Buddy!

When you were given to me, you were very shy. I would talk to you, and you would twist your face and stare at me. As time went by, you and I formed a bond together. I found out soon how smart and intelligent you were.

I'm so sorry you were taken from me so suddenly by a car. I wish I could have run to you and prevented your death.

I'm miss you being so excited when I come home from work, wagging your tail. I miss the way you follow me everywhere I go. I miss the way you love for me to brush your back. I miss the way you jump on my leg and look in my eyes with love.

You were a lovable, sweet, obedient pet that I will treasure the memories we created forever. God bless you, Spot. Rest in peace my beloved and adorable dog.

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Miss MY Spot!
by: Anonymous

My own Spot passed away tonight due to a tragic incident. She was sent to us to find a happy home, and we tried our best. But in the end, she ran off because of our first dog and now we no longer have her. What do we do now?

To Spot's Parent
by: Karen

So sorry to hear of your loss. Spot sounded like a truly wonderful guy. You are missing him tremendously.

I keep asking myself, "What is it that these creatures do to us that makes us love them so?" And when they die, we seem to fall into an abyss of grief which takes us literally weeks, months and sometimes years to get out of. Why do we fall so heavily in love with these pets that look at us with soft, loving eyes and give tail-wags?

We can't talk to each other but we seem to communicate very well just by their looks and actions. It's so amazing the friendship that man can cultivate with dogs. I know that you are hurting as I did when my "Tiger" died 2 months ago. It was the worst feeling ever, but I was forced to move on - with another pet.

Even though I think of Tiger quite often and remember the great times we had together, this new pet dog has helped me to recover from being in that totally miserable abyss of grief and to move on.

I do hope one day that you'll consider giving your love and caring attention to another pet. The animals out there need people like you in their lives. Peace and Love and God Bless!

So Sweet To Comment About My Spot
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your kind words. It's been a few days since Spot's death. I pray every day that my loss gets better.

I miss him so such, my heart is truly broken. I sit and think about our good times together, and it bring tears to my eyes.

God has a purpose in everything he does, so I'm trusting in him to help me through this.

by: Steven

I am so sorry for your loss and so happy for the joy that Spot gave to you. I have a "Spot," now 14 and growing into his name with wart spots all over him.

These lovely dogs give us so much and all they ask is love, food and warmth.

I don't know how to tell you to get over your loss. My beloved Cocoa has been gone 3 months now and daily I grieve her going. I would not swap one second of her life for a day of the pain of her death.

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