Spanky The Great

by Gina
(Roseville, CA)

Spanky, you were the best dog any of us had ever had. You were also the smartest dog we've ever met. You had no idea you were 76 lbs and not supposed to be a lap dog because we made you one anyway.

The grief is to our core and almost unbearable. I've cried so hard anywhere and everywhere that even the stranger at the gas station today asked if she could give me a hug. She was probably surprised how tight I held on.

You were on the road with dad on another adventure. You wanted to stay home but dad really wanted you to go so we made you and I will forever be sorry for that. You got out of the truck in New Mexico and pranced around the truck, so proudly doing your investigating as usual. The truck was on and you probably didn't hear the rattle of the snake. It got you right on the chest.

A nice man drove you and dad to the nearest vet where you got snake bite juice. Baby I am so sorry they didn't give you actual anti-venom. It's not carried as much as it should be.

Dad didn't think the first vet was very good so he drove you to a vet hospital where you did really good! Mama was sooo proud of you. You had steroids, antibiotics and whatever else for 24hrs. Dad picked you up at 5:30pm and put you in the truck and saw you were unresponsive.

He called me to tell me he rushed you right back in. I knew. I yelled then prayed and I was so far away. The kids and I talked to you so intently I bet you heard us. The vet said nothing was working and asked to stop CPR - I said no. You gave it another shot and boy it was a roller-coaster until 6:40pm. You had had enough.

Today is worse than yesterday because it all feels like a really bad nightmare. We will forever feel you in our hearts baby boy. It was the best two years of our lives. Rest in peace baby and eat lots of treat treats.

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Thank you
by: Gina

Thank you Samantha & Amanda for your kind words. It's been 9 months and I still cry. It has gotten better thanks to kind people like you.

So sad for you
by: Samantha

Spanky the Great had and continues to receive so much love from you all.

My heart goes out to you - heaven knows you did every possible thing to save him.

With such a great love between you and Spanky, I feel certain that you will sense his presence when he visits with his human family.

Every best healing wish.

by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about Spanky. It is obvious he had a family who loved him and it must be some comfort to know you gave him a life that was so happy.

Best wishes.

Amanda (Australia)

by: Melissa

Hi Gina,

Thank you for your response to our Maggie. Call me crazy, but I can't stand the loneliness without our Maggie, therefore I am going to look at a litter of labradors this afternoon. I know it's so soon, be we have had so much loss in the past 8 week...we lost my husband's mother, brother and now our dog. It's been pretty awful and sad in our home.

My 6 year old daughter came bouncing into my room the other night and stated "Maggie would have wanted us to be happy again." She is so right, and that's why I've decided to bring some happiness into our lives and stop this run of gloom and doom.

I obviously don't know your thoughts about another dog, but I think my daughter said it well, and I'm sure Spanky would not want you to be sad either.

Thanks Again!

by: Melissa Dendel

I'm sorry to hear about Spanky, but if it helps...I know the pain and loss you're going through. I just lost my 13 year old lab on November 5th. I thought I had prepared myself and children for this day, but regardless of how young or old a beloved dog may be, we can never begin to understand what lies ahead until the day unfortunately comes - it's numbing!

Please know I wish you and your family well.

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