My little Snoopy came into our family in 1997.

She was our little bundle of joy and the princess to the matriarch of the family.

We love her so much.

In the month of Feb, she started losing weight but she was eating normally so we thought that it was only old age that causing degeneration of bones, as all humans go through.

Sadly, as her weight loss became worse, she had difficulty walking.

On the 22nd Feb, we took her to the vet.

An xray was done and the vet said that it could be Cushing Syndrone but it could be cured. An ultrasound was recommended.

Sadly, the vet told us that it was a tumour and it was very painful for Snoopy. Although she had whined or cried in pain, her threshold level of pain was very high.

The vet recommended putting her to sleep as she was suffering in pain. The date arranged was the 25th Feb so that all of us could spend quality family time with her.

We brought her home that night, and everyone in the family talked to her as she lay down.

She was sleepy but refused to close her eyes. That night on the 23rd Feb, my hubby, who also loved her so much, did not dare to sleep for fear of losing her.

Finally at 3.15am, his eyes was very heavy and he spoke to her, telling her to have a good sleep and that we love her.

When my hubby went to the room, about 15 mins later, my son had a very funny feeling while he was sleeping.

He came out to look at Snoopy and realised that she had just died.

Yes, she was that kind of matriarch and loving sweet girl. She waited for everyone to say their goodbye and left quietly and peacefully.

We love her very much and still miss her.

Snoopy, till we meet again in heaven, remember all of us love you very much.

Mummy, Daddy, Hor Kor and Jie Jie.

Have a good time in heaven, our beloved Snoopy.

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