Sleep Well, Sweetheart...

by Sangeeta Menon
(New Delhi, India)

You walked into my life on a very sad day with those enormous brown eyes that reached into my heart and healed it almost immediately.

Of all the pets we had, you are the only one who loved to dress up...refusing to give up the faded t-shirt you would wear in winters and the teeka that you wanted on your forehead at all times. You waited patiently next to the dressing table when mom got ready for work.

You greeted me every day with such happiness and followed me around as I put away my things... college books earlier and my office files later. Holding on to my clothes and not relenting even after so many scoldings, which you knew were just words that didn't mean anything. You were too cute to be angry with. You knew it and took advantage of it.

You repaid us for all the car rides we took you for by allowing us to snuggle with you.

And later, you put up with the uncomfortable wheelchair silently. We watched your heart break each time you watched dad head for his walks without you. We watched the sparkle in your eyes when we spoke to you. You seemed to understand what our hearts said and how sorry we were that you could no longer walk.

You spent many days in pain with no complaints about the number of trips you had to make to the vet and how many times you had to take injections as we tried to get you all better.

You barely slept for days until we told you it was ok to go and how much we loved you.

When they placed you in the grave, you looked at peace and finally asleep without pain.

With the brain of a naughty little boy and a heart of a grandmother, you won hearts so easily... so many people cried when they heard that you were gone.

You will stay in my heart forever, sweetheart. Unreplaceable just like those wonderful eyes you have.

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