Sleep Well, My Angel

by Ed
(Denver, Colorado )

CoCo and I 2011

CoCo and I 2011

Only two short years ago, you came to me homeless, abandoned, abused, unloved, and unwanted ...

In our brief time we shared a lifetime of friendship, love, and fun.

RIP my Angel - I loved you beyond words and miss you beyond measure.

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Gone, Never Forgotten
by: Ed

This week marks 3 years since that painful day that I sent you home to God, girl.

I know it was the right thing to do for you, and the last act of love I could give, but it doesn't make it any easier.

I know you're in God's care, free of pain and whole again. For that, I'm grateful.

But... I miss you CoCo.

I will see you again when it's my turn to come home.


The Passage of Time
by: Ed in Denver

2.5 years have come and gone since you went home to God, girl, but to me, it seems like only yesterday.

I stand on the deck looking out over the open space and Rocky Mountain foothills and remember the happy days we spent together.

Whether fending off the coyotes, chasing rabbits or just sitting together watching the sun fall behind the mountains, you were the one constant in life that I knew never wavered. When everything else around us spun like whirlwinds, you were steady, loyal and true. You were my rock Co Co, and I will always be grateful for your steadfast companionship.

I always smile when I think about how I once thought I "rescued" you. Time has proven that it was you that was sent to rescue me. Thank you.

Many days have now passed since our last "good-bye" girl. I miss you.

I will carry your memory safe in my heart and mind until the day comes when I'm called home and we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Until then, run free in the fields of Heaven girl and know that having you in my life made me a better man / human being.

Until we meet again ....
Your human
Ed in Denver

The Day You Left
by: Ed

Sweet, gentle Co Co, today marks 2 full years that you've been gone, yet sometimes it seems like only yesterday.

I think of you, and miss you, every day. I will never forget you, and will keep your memory buried deep in my heart until the day we are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.

Until then, dear girl, know that you are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure.

Your furever human,

by: Ed

It's been 18 months, girl, since our Earthly "good-bye" and yet... it seems like only yesterday.

I think of you always and miss you more with each passing day.

I know you're now in God's lovng care and that comforts me but...

I'd give anything to hold you again.

RIP gentle Co Co - I will love you always.

Ed in Denver

The Passing of Time
by: Ed in Denver

15 months have come and gone since our last Earthly good-bye, girl, and honestly, it's not easier today than it was then.

You were my heart, Co Co. I loved you very much and miss you more and more each day.

I know it was your time, and that no power on Earth could save you but "we" (the Vet and I) did our best to allow you as much time as possible.

God called your name, and being the good girl you were, you answered. Surely God knows how special you were and that it would break my heart letting you go, but it had to be.

I miss our long walks and trips to wherever. I miss playing tug o war and your daily tummy rubs, but again, I know that you're now in God's loving care and that you're healthy / whole again. I'm comforted knowing this.

Physically you're gone, girl, but your memory glows brightly in my heart and soul, and it will until the day we are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm going to the shelter soon girl to adopt another unloved soul just as I did when we met. I know you'd approve.

Until the day comes when God reunites us, girl, know that you are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure.

Rest in Peace, my Angel. I miss you.

Big Ed in Denver

Silent Night...
by: Ed

It's December now, girl.

This month marks one full year since we said our Earthly "good-byes."

Not one day has passed without you on my mind and in my heart. I miss you so, so much, Co Co.

Christmas will not be the same without you, girl. I have the stuffed Santa toy you loved to shred - I can't recall the number of times I had to "re-stuff - re stitch" Santa so you could rip him up again. :)

I know you're in Heaven, girl, and that God's taking very good care of you, but I can't help but wish you were still here on Earth with me.

I love you, Co Co.

Ed in Denver

10 Months but It Seems Like Yesterday
by: Ed

My sweet, gentle Co Co ...

10 months have passed since God called you home and it feels like only yesterday as time has stood still.

We only had two years together, Co Co, but they were two very good years. When I found you (or did you find me?) at the shelter, I had no idea how deeply my life would be impacted simply by having you in it. I hope I meant as much to you, and that the painful memories of your past life were replaced by love, safety, security and fun.

I'm going to take a walk down the trails you loved so much today in remembrance of you. It will be a bittersweet walk as the happy memories will be shadowed by my solitude.

I take comfort knowing that I did all I could for you, girl, and that when it was time to say "farewell," you were surrounded by people that loved you and cared about you very, very much.

I know God was there to welcome you home. I know God made you whole again and freed you of your Earthly pains.

One day, I will join you in God's green meadows, never to be parted again. Until then, run free and happy, girl, knowing that you are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure.

Your forever human,

Ed in Denver

9 Months
by: Ed

Today marks 9 months since our final Earthly good-bye, girl, and it still hurts.

Not long ago it came to my attention that the chicken breast jerky treats you loved so much quite possibly caused your death.

Purina, Nestle, and WalMart all knew the FDA had issued a warning about these tainted treats from China and they did nothing except continue selling them. Bastards!

I have retained legal counsel, girl, and joined a class action lawsuit against these greedy sons of bitches. Suing them won't bring you back, but it will definitely get their attention, and hopefully stop them and any others from doing such horrible things in the future.

Rest well, girl. You were my light and my heart. I and the attorneys will avenge your unnecessary death.

Ed in Denver

Seasons Changing
by: Ed

Almost 9 months since our Earthly farewell, girl. Winter became Spring / Summer and now Fall is upon us. Fall was "our" time, wasn't it? I think you loved the change of season as much as I. I will miss you as the weather gets colder.

I miss you, Co Co, but I know you're in a good place and that I'll see you again when it's my time to go.

I love you, girl.
See you at the bridge.

As Time Goes By
by: Ed

It's been almost 7 months now, girl, and I think of you each and every day. I miss our early morning walks and your "welcome home" tummy rubs.

Truly, you were the best part of me and I miss you terribly.

It's funny how I once thought I rescued you. I was wrong, Co Co. You rescued me and I'm eternally grateful for the short time God gave us.

I love you and will remember you until it's my time, and we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ed in Denver

As Time Goes By....
by: Ed

I wake in the morning expecting yours to be the first face I see.

I go to sleep still thinking you’re close by.

I dream of you and the happy days we spent together


I remember you’re no longer here.

Today marks 4 months since we last saw one another on this Earth, gentle Co Co, and not a moment has passed that I've not thought of you, and missed you.

I pray your kind soul has found peace, and rests in God's green fields. I hope you haven't, nor ever will, forget me.

I love you.

Thank You
by: Ed

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind comments. You have no idea how much I appreciate them. :)

Our loving companions have left us in the physical world but are still by our sides. They will never be "gone" as long as they lie buried deep in our hearts, souls, and memories.

Until we meet again...
Rest in peace, gentle CoCo.

God Bless you all

No Words
by: Nicole (little mans moma)

As I read through the different stories, I realize that I am not alone in missing my baby. I am so sorry. I couldn't imagine having to make a decision to put your baby to rest. Hope your days get easier.

I'm sorry about your loss
by: Joyce (Jelly's Owner)

It's so hard, and just knowing that there are people who feel the same way I do is comforting, when so many others say "it's just a dog." I feel sorry for them never having had such a great companion.

30 Days Passed
by: Ed

Today makes 30 days since I last saw you on this Earth CoCo ....

I've gone through a battery of thoughts and emotions since having made the decision to end your suffering - guilt, doubt, anguish, etc..

I did everything I could, girl, but the disease was stronger and "we" (vets and I) could not save you.

I know you are in God's care now and that your Earthly pain has been replaced with eternal health / youth but...

My heart aches and I miss you more and more with each passing day

Until we meet again sweet, gentle CoCo -
I love you

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