Sir Isaac Newton, My Friend, the Beagle

by Sacha
(Melbourne, Australia)

You dug under the fence
and stole the neighbor's tomatoes, you menace
what dog does that?
only you, Isaac New
And you ate Homer Simpson's big magnetic shoes
what dog does that?
only you, Isaac New

And you were a disaster;
the prostate, the cruciate
and all those lumpy lumps
and the skin tags, what are skin tags?
and your innards pulled outwards on a vet's table
to retrieve Homer Simpson's magnetic shoes, that you chewed.

You were sweet
you were annoying
you were demanding
and you were charming
you were lumpy and bumpy
and beautiful
those big brown eyes, irresistible.

But you were funny
most of all, you were funny
you made us laugh, all the time
ever two years old, though you weren't, anymore.

But you were beautiful, Isaac New
you were our friend, till the end
And when I think of the last day for you
it hurts my heart more than I can bear
I so wish I was there, for you
or you were here with me instead.

But we said goodbye to you
the best we could do
I kissed your beautiful face and said "be strong, I love you."
We didn't want to leave you
but we knew we had to
and we are in sorrow, so much sorrow
now we can't touch you.

My heart, my heart has fallen apart
Without you Isaac Newton
I can't bear to start
each day anew, feeling that wave of untrue
surge through my body, from head to toe
if I don't think of you, could I convince myself,
no, it's not true, that you're gone and you're not coming back?
Can I wake up each day and roll the time back
to before this empty shell that I have become
without you, Isaac Newton?

But I see you Isaac
I still see you

I see you running to the car when we bring in the shopping
I hear you scratch at the door, outside, waiting to come in
and I hear your little nails tap tapping on the floor
and I feel you beneath my chair, begging for more.

But I see you every day, every day
in the back of the car when we meet daddy at the station
between us on the bed, snoring off your head
I see you, looking out the window as I walk up the path
I see you waiting outside the shower for me, bless your heart

and I pray for the day
when eventually I can laugh, when I think of you, Isaac New
For everything you were and everything you will always be
to us;
most of all, our precious boy,
you were funny
and we miss you, and how we laughed when we were with you, Isaac New.

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