Shelby: Dec. 1993 – February 2012

by Celene
(Loveland, CO)

The Perfect Companion

The Perfect Companion

I found an angel February 14, 1994 – a six week pup the size of my palm whom I named Shelby. The two of us had an immediate bond and our hearts were attached to very the end. Shelby was the only real constant in my life during the last 18 years...she was my anchor and I was hers.

We hiked many, many mountain trails together (those tiny legs didn’t slow her down), traveled the open road, had numerous adventures, and watched myriad people pass through our lives as we journeyed forward together.

Shelby was my family and the only relationship I truly trusted, which made it the most cherished one in my life. Whenever I counted my blessings, she was number one, and she was a daily reminder of how much someone up there must love me to send me such a gift.

Shelby was a little Buddha dog who exuded joy and love and who was always living in the moment. We could all learn a lot from her boundless spirit and carefree nature. I shall never forget the lessons she taught me, the joy she brought to all who knew her, and the countless love-filled memories we had together.

Shelby, I hope you are chasing butterflies and squirrels again, running along the hills, and that your crippled aging body is no longer slowing down your amazing spirit.

I know I did right by you in the end, even though a part of me died with you. You are my heart, Shelby, and my love for you, little girl, is absolute! Thank you for bestowing the gift of you in my life.

"The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master." ~Ben Hur Lampman

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Such a Beautiful Tribute
by: Tony

This is such a beautiful tribute to what was an amazing friend and companion. You loved her as much as I did mine. I know how it felt when my Beauty passed.

You touched my heart and I am sure you have done so with many others.

Keep Shelby in your heart and she'll always be around. :)

God Bless Her Soul
by: Anonymous

I just have tears in my eyes reading what you wrote. I lost my baby on 15th January after 16 and a half years and I feel exactly like you do.

My Salony was my anchor, the love of my life, and I miss her every moment of every day.

God bless your little girl and mine and all the others at Rainbow bridge.

Big hug!!

Truly awesome dog
by: Bob C.

Celene, find joy in the memories, as that is all we really have to keep. Love ya!

Two Quotes To Show I Care
by: Laurie

I'm so sorry for your loss. Two quote I thought you'd like.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." Roger Caras

I also like "Death ends a life, not a relationship." Jack Lemmon

A Loving Spirit
by: Holly

She truly did have a fun-loving adventurous spirit. I remember driving with her and saying, "Shelby, where's the squirrel?" She would go crazy trying to find the squirrel out the car window. It never got old, at least for me!

We will miss her too!

Thank You!
by: Anonymous

You so beautifully said what so many of us are feeling. Thank you.

I Understand...
by: Bob

I do understand. I have been here, and will be here again.


From Shelby...
by: Mom

Dear Celene,

Whenever you think of me, say to yourself with regret but also with happiness in your heart at the remembrance of my long happy life with you: "Here lies one who loved me and whom I loved." No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.



Thank You
by: Ed

What a beautiful tribute to your Shelby.

I think your words express what many of us feel.

I'm sure Shelby is running free on God's trails and waiting for the time when you will be reunited forever.

God Bless
Ed in Denver

Always in Your Heart
by: Anonymous

How blessed you are to have had your Shelby for 18 beautiful years. Your heart is aching now but in time you will smile with the fond memories that you two shared.

Sincere sympathy from one Dog Mom to another.

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