Shadow, Our Gentle Giant

by Faith Poirier-Loo
(Vacaville, CA USA)

We celebrate 9 1/2 years of love and memories with our dear dog Shadow. He was bigger than life in his physical stature, good looks and wonderful personalty. He always tried to make children and small animals feel safe and comfortable by getting down on the ground to make himself smaller and less intimidating.

He loved to go everywhere with us, work, errands, camping, walks, truck rides or even the dump. He was so aware of his surroundings. He would notice when I moved a piece of furniture in a room or rearranged the garage.

I will miss him sitting "on" my lap and the way he showed us so much affection. His bark and big beautiful face were always waiting for us in the front window when we came home. Even in the end, he had a small tail wag for us, loving eyes that said to us that he loved us and was grateful for all that we did for him.

Shadow, you will be missed and always remembered. Thank you for being a great friend.

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by: Jenny

Your loving words of all the great memories of Shadow were beautiful. My best friend Brewski died one year ago November 12th. That day and his final moments with me on this earth are forever etched in my mind.

We give them so much love, and what they give us is truly hard to even describe. A piece of me is gone.

I know the days ahead will be difficult, so I will be praying for you and your family.

Shadow and Brewski are running in fields of flowers, drinking living waters. They will be there to greet us when we get to our final home. It's this thought that gives me comfort.

I'm truly sorry for your loss. It's never enough time no matter how long they are with us.

Sharing in Your Grief
by: Jennifer

We, too, had a "Shadow." His name was Chester - one of the most gentle, obedient, protective black labs to have walked this earth.

We send you comfort and strength during these early, very difficult days, and for all the weeks to come. Much, much sympathy is yours....

by: Lynne Camp

I didn't know Shadow or you, but I've had dogs all my life. Every time one passed on, a little piece of me died.

I recognized and felt your pain. Your words were a lovely memorium to him. I just wish they could live longer. 10 years just isn't long enough.

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