Seamus 04/10/00-06/28/12

by Marie
(United States)

Seamus sailing

Seamus sailing

Dear Seamus,

The one regret about losing you is that I never got a chance to say goodbye to you, even though in my heart of hearts I could sense you were leaving me for a couple of weeks before because you just seemed too tired and I did sit with you and told you that I love you.

It happened so suddenly that night that the vet feels that your heart just gave out and that we were blessed that you went at home in your own bed. I am happy that your human brother Dennis was with you at the end and that meant a lot to him to be able to take care of you at the very end.

I just wish I could have one more stare down for some of my lunch, you turning yourself over so that I could rub just the right spot on your belly or neck or you grabbing the prized spot on the sofa.

Mommy loves you, Seamus. It is very hard turning around and not seeing you lying on the couch.

Fly with the angels and tell all our beagle buddies that their mommies miss them...

Love, Mommy XOXOXO

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by: Mommy

Seamus, it is almost nine months that you have been gone and I miss you. Rusty has come into our lives. I know that you are close to us because there are some things he does that remind us so much of you. They are things he did not do when he first came to us.

Rusty is afraid of Dennis. I honestly feel that is because he senses you around Dennis as Dennis was with you when you passed and took very good care of you that night.

Seamus, there will never be another Seamus for me or Dennis. I know you are with us. Could you please help Rusty to trust your human brother?

You will always have a special place in my heart. I miss you every day, Shamey...xoxox

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