Scooter, You Are Loved and Missed Terribly!

by Lyle Lanes
(Great Falls, MT, USA)

Little Scootie

Little Scootie

I knew one day it would happen, just not quite this way. My dog Scooter died today at about 11am, July 24, 2011. He apparently had pancreatitis. We thought we had gotten him in quick enough to be saved. We had taken him in Friday night after work as he just didn't seem right.

The Vet Doc was pretty sure things were going well as of Saturday night, and figured he may be going home on Monday. Got the call after church on Sunday that he had passed away at that time and it was so sudden they couldn't do anything for him. It appears something in his abdomen area suddenly burst (they were not sure what it was, and we didn't want him dissected to then find out).

After $1500.00 of trying to save his life, my wife and I walked away with his dog collar containing his name. I have never lost an animal I have had since being a puppy, and the loss is so great. It feels as though someone has come and cleaned out our home of all the furniture. Just seems so empty now in our house, and in our hearts. I hope in time we can deal with the loss, and remember the good times we had with Scooter.

Although we decided on cremation, we will put a wooden cross in our back yard under the lilac bush that he loved to lay under to stay cool. Also we will put his collar, the urn with his ashes, along with pictures of him in our computer room as a keepsake. It sure sucks to lose such a pet, and member of your family.

We never had a single complaint about Scooter. He didn't leave us any surprises in the house, never tore stuff up, listened when he was told to go get in the bed, take your treat outside to eat, etc. In my mind Scooter appeared to be as close to human as possible.

He will be missed very much. Thanks for letting me post here as it may help me in my grieving time.

Scooter, it has now been three weeks since you left us here without you. The pain is still bad, knowing that you will never come home to us. I cry still almost daily, and I pray that God will soon make the hurt stop. I miss you more than I can ever express. We shared twelve and a half years together, and I will always cherish every bit of that time that I had you in my life.

Since your death, I have come to look at how special living really is. I feel my understanding of life itself has been broadened just by your life and then your death. I guess I have never lost anyone so special to me, until you, Scooter.

The pain is so intense that I find it hard to function in my job each day. I feel like every bit of energy has been stripped from my body. At times I feel guilty that I may have done something to you, that made you leave me so soon. I now know the true meaning of the term, "Dog is man's best friend."

Scooter, you will never ever be forgotten in my heart and my mind. Every time I see a picture of you here in the house, or think of you, it makes me cry.

We have brought another dog into the house, but please know he will never take your place. We named him Copper, and at times I find myself almost calling him by your name. I am giving him every chance to be close to me, but at the present time, I'm still thinking of you.

We needed to bring him into the house because your Mother was crying daily because you were not here with her. She misses you dearly, and the house felt empty to her, too. I hope you will understand why we did this. It wasn't that we tried to replace you, as another dog could never do that. We don't expect Copper to take your place, either!

Your Mother Janet loved you dearly, just as I have. You were like a son to her, just as you were to me. We have placed your pictures in different rooms of the house, never to forget you. If nothing more, this writing to you will help to heal the pain I have inside from your passing.

I will always cherish our time together, Scooter. I am fixing to sit down and write all the events in your life that I remembered so clearly, as to never forget them. I want our relationship to never be forgotten. I hope you're having fun at Rainbow Bridge now. You were always the best.

Thank you for all the good years and joy you brought to our lives. We love you with all our hearts, and we always will. Rest in peace, my little Scooter. God picked the right puppy for us back in 1999. I'm so thankful we had shared our lives together. Thank you Scooter!

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My Dog Scooter Just Died
by: Marc

My dog Scooter died yesterday. No warning, got sick and died. It's awful!

by: Wayne

Lyle, what a wonderful tribute to Scooter. Obviously he was a wonderful dog. I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of such a great pet.

When they leave us, they take a part of our hearts with them. They also leave us with so many wonderful memories of the time we had with them.

I lost my 10 year old Akita back in December and I still miss him every day. I retired when he was one year old so we spent every day together and it seemed so empty without him.

To Scooter's Parent
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

As I read your account of Scooter, my heart felt for you so much. What a really great dog you had there and to you, no doubt, Scooter was the best ever, bringing so much love and joy to your home.

I thought I would never live to see another day without my darling, Tiger (a 9-yr-old German Shepherd) that passed away on 26th June. The heartache was too much to bear and I literally had to drown myself in work just to keep on existing on this Earth. I sobbed morning, noon and night and knew to myself that I could not go on forever like this.

So .... to Scooter's loving parent:

Please accept my deepest sympathy on your loss of Scooter, a truly magnificent dog. I know exactly how you feel and it is only with time that you will be healed. For some, it takes a very long time and for others, the healing can be fast, depending on how well they can cope by keeping busy all the time.

After Tiger passed on, I cried my heart out for 3 whole weeks, not wanting to even exist on this earth anymore. Then came a phone call. A family was migrating to another country and needed an owner for "Prince" quickly. Quite reluctantly, we visited Prince and his family and fell in love with him instantly. It was so uncanny on seeing him, as he looked identical to Tiger except for a darker face and that he was bigger in size.

Prince has brought so much comfort, love and joy to our family on arriving 2 weeks ago, even though I still speak with Tiger daily and let him know that we still miss him. Yes, I believe there is a period of time to grieve but the Universe, as soon as one leaves, seems to supply us with something else in place of the one that went missing.

I do hope that, even though you are still in a whole lot of grief, you will acquire another pup/dog in your own time and try as much as possible to move on. It was not easy for me at all, moving on, but I found that when one door closed, another opened and I healed a whole lot faster.

But that does not mean you will forget your Scooter in the least. He will be with you forever and he knows how much you love him. He's in Doggieland with all the other Doggie angels and I'm sure a big ball game's going on right now with Scooter running around and enjoying himself.

Again, I do feel for your deep loss and I do hope that one day, you'll be able to move forward. PEACE!

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