Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend...

by Loop

Yesterday I said goodbye to my friend of 15 years.
Life will never be the same.
Walked into the house today.
She wasn't there to greet me.
No tail shaking, no tongue wagging.
Quiet empty home.
My red doberman now sleeps peacefully.

I miss you my friend...
Peaches 12/01/1996 - 05/03/2011

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She Was So Special
by: Brian

I have never had children. This angel was my daughter.

12 years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer. I knew she always wanted a dog. I figured if things went bad my wife would have a companion with her the whole time.

We named her Zoey, the greek word for life. We thought it was fitting. I have to tell you, god lent us one of his angels that day. She would sit at my wife's bed, hours upon hours... not even getting up to eat. Like part of her soul was there, fighting the fight with my wife.

My wife did not have good cancer. It was a rare form but doctors were hopeful because she was so young. As she went through treatment, Zoey would sit at the end of the bed. She would come if I called, but always found her way back to the bed. 10 years later my wife is cancer-free.

Zoey was certified a good k9 citizen and a service dog. About a month ago, god needed his angel back. Every night I cry for her... I miss her so much! She was so special...

One Last Ride
by: Ramtahal

I remember going to pick this guy up over 14 years ago, so small that he fit in my pocket. Spoiled rotten. Running off the moment suitcases came out, causing me to chase him all over.

He has been with me through the best moments in life, getting my diploma, getting married and welcoming my two sons into this world, and, more importantly, through some of the roughest moments when I was all alone. He never said anything. He just knew that I needed to feel less abandoned.

These past few years haven’t been too pleasant for us but we made do. I took my boy for one last ride and tucked him in one last time.

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but rest easy -- your work is done. Thank you!

by: Bryan

12 years ago my wife blindsided me after we lost our English Springer (Abbey) six months earlier. We needed a new dog to love to fill the hole that was left. Off to the SPCA, only we went into where the Pits were housed.

Lying in a little ball in a corner was a 6 month old by the name of Tessa. I was very leery of getting a pit because of all the bad press. I said ok and we brought her home, and my son, who was 6 years old, wanted to change her name: So Biscuit it was.

She is the kindest, gentlest dog anyone could have. On this night of the Harvest Moon we prepare to say our final goodbye.

Rest easy, Biscuit. Bagel, Taffy and Abbey are awaiting you arrival. Rest easy, Nooners! Till we meet again...

Love You

by: Jimm and Frances Brown

Miss you so much.

My and my wife's old friend of 15 years.

Miss the pitta pat of her claws across the wooden flooring.

Miss the early morning barking to the front door just to know the post has arrived.

Miss the head butting of her bowl just to say "Please, may I have more food?"

Miss her today and every day for the rest of our lives.

R.I.P. Pipy xxxx
June 2002 Monday April 17th 2017

Doug 1998-2016
by: Hannah

To my beautiful Dougie.

You had a long life of 18 years. We know that you were ready to go when you stopped eating and coming on walks with the others.

The moment we told you we were going to the vets, tears in my eyes, you leaped up and jumped in the car. Your tail wagged and you licked my face. I think you knew what was happening.

I stroked your head and kissed you while you were falling asleep on the table. I didn't want you to go.

When I came home, eyes red, Tess and Emmy looked for you. And when we went for a walk they waited for you. I cried, knowing that you weren't coming back.

Nothing can fill the hole in my heart. I love you so much. We will meet again!

Roxy "The Rock Star"
by: Arizona Senior

I brought you home 12 years ago in the palm of my hand. Six months later, Roxy, you were my therapy after the loss of our son.

We watched you grow. Mom would run with you on that 30 foot long leash. You made friends at Doggy Day Care. I think it surprised you to find out you weren't human.

My heart breaks for you Roxy. In just two hours you will start your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. We've had cake and ice cream, no limits on treats. My heart breaks as you rest on the floor.

I've been told it's the greatest gift I can give you. I know I have to, but I wish I could say "not yet, please."

I will love and think of your forever. And some day you will look over that Rainbow Bridge and call out to me "It's Roxy The Rocker, over here."

by: Audrey

Oreo, a name I'll never forget
Radiant looks
Eager to play and please.
Oreo you're the best dog ever!
Oreo was the answer to my prayers for a companion
And what a friend indeed!
Oreo has so much heart, never gave up
I'll see you up there my sweet boy!
Love you to pieces🐾🐾

by: Cindy

My dog is dying and the grief is unbearable. I've had her for 10 years. Inherited her. Didn't want her. She wormed herself into my heart, and I will never be the same.

I just can't stand the pain. I pray that I can learn to live without her.

Digger (1999-2016)
by: Shelly

A week ago today I said a tearful goodbye to my 16.5 year old Cairn Terrier, Digger.

I shared my heart and my home - all feels different the last week. I gave you a new beginning, but it was the hardest decision as I knew I'd need to free you, but couldn't love you the way I knew how.

When I try to tell others my voice cracks, my chest tightens, my eyes fill. Nothing prepared me for this.

You taught me how to enjoy the moment, the rolls in the grass, the digging in the garden dirt, to enjoy a snowfall by rubbing it in your face, how to not worry about time, how to not complain, what it means to have joy, to be alive - without judgement, just pure gratitude and happiness. Every day was a gift with you, and I knew that then, and even more so now.

This is the most private thing I have had to endure. No matter how long you would have lived it wouldn't have been long enough.

This is where we take our separate paths. These moments are hard for me. I sat all night and looked at hundreds of pictures of you. I wish I had hundreds more.

If I saved you from one day of discomfort, I did the right thing. It's hard to see it right now.

I took a photo of you before we left for the vet. I will stare at that photo and examine your face over and over to try to reconcile if my timing was right.

Only one week - and the time has gone so slowly yet so fast.

I miss you Digger. I miss us together.

I've written you a letter. I'll keep it with your ashes. Someday I'll cuddle and read it with you after we go for a long walk.

Until we meet again. May all your health and youthfulness be restored now. I love you.

My Baby Belle
by: Rob

I walk with all of you folk in sadness. Thursday, my girl and I departed after 16 years. She was bought by my mother on a chance visit in 1999 during a marriage soon to expire. She must have known I would need a companion that would make me understand what it's like to share a life.

Belle worked with me for 14 years until her hips could not ride in the truck. An office building even waived the no pet rule during my years there. Afterward, she waited patiently at home. No matter where I was, my most oft heard quote was "I got to go, I need to go and see my girl."

She had an uncanny skill for judging people. Those she walked away from were rarely back. Her best proof of protecting her daddy.

Now I can say she gave me the gift of pure caring. Her last weeks were tough but proof to me how special she was. After near 55 years of thinking I was a too cool for anything Southern Californian, I was shattered and have to walk away while typing this.

Better to have loved and lost. For me, I finally know what that means.

Belle, all of us in Bedford, Texas, miss you girl. Rest in paradise until we say hello again.

by: Pat

I lost Rizzo, a doberman border collie mix. She looked like a black and tan dobie. She was beautiful.

I got her when she was at least 4 from a rescue. She was a wild girl but calmed down with some training. I lost her a couple of weeks ago and I still can't stand it.

Every time I walk into the house I expect to see her, and I miss her greatly. I have two other dogs but she was the top dog and led the pack and helped me with other fosters who came into the house.

I was making plans to retire in 4 years and she was very much a part of my retirement plan. She was somewhere between 11 and 15. I wonder if I will ever feel good again.

Saying Goodbye to My Miss Shelby Girl
by: Melinda W.

Some people are going to say, "She's just a dog," but they will be wrong. See, she saved my sanity, helped me think, taught me to breathe, never left me alone, and always loved me no matter how screwed up I got.

She's my "bathroom sentry" and she stays in bed with me until I'm ready to face the world. Today, we have to say goodbye. We are her third "people." She went to Doggie School. We weren't blessed with Shelby until she had just turned 4 years old.

It's going to be the longest, most difficult walk of my life. Tut she never left me and I will NOT make her do it alone. Last night I slept on the floor with her and held her, I sang to her and I told her I loved her for over 6 hours.

I had to leave her with my son to come to work. I feel like such a heel, but I have to work. I asked her to forgive me and I kissed her. I called the vet and made arrangements, crying the whole time.

I will never be the same. I had my own personal angel. She could say "hi," "please" and "out." She knew her colors and she would sing with me.

Miss Shelby, thank you for being my friend, thank you for loving me and thank you for coming into my life 10 years ago and making me a better person, a better human being.

I will miss you every day until I get to be with you again and we can play tennis ball and run again. I love you.

So if you don't see me or hear from me for a while, this is why... I'll be learning to see the world without my best friend.

My Little Man
by: Becca

Had to say bye to my little man Max on Saturday.

Broke my heart to say the least
but you're not in pain now boy
One last goodbye Thursday
I promise you won't be alone when you are put to rest, your sister will be there every step of the way.

I love you so much

Your 'big sis' haha xxx

RIP xxxx

by: jenifer

I lost my love of my life on Sunday. He was my best friend. He followed me everywhere I went in the house, and when I left he was soo sad.

He stared at me all the time with love in his eyes. I never felt so loved.

My heart is broken. I will forever love him. SPIKEY!

At the End of Her Journey
by: NIck

The grief is overwhelming. My darling, dearest girl is at the end of her journey.

For the past 13 years Laurel has been my girl, my shadow, my one in a lifetime dog. She has been at my side during the highs of my life, and during the darkest, deepest moments that one can endure. Her coat has absorbed the tears of happiness and sadness in equal quantities. For that, I owe her the greatest kindness.

My love,
My girl,
NIght night xxxx

Bye to Blade
by: Chief

We lost our 9 year old Maltese nearly 2 years ago (July 2011). He was a puppy when my family adopted him, 2 weeks after I deployed for the war on terrorism. He kept my family safe in so many ways.

It was easier for me to have been away at war than have to place our first pet down. But, it was time - blindness, Cushings, and massive seizures.

I miss my friend.

Goodbye to My Sweet Princess
by: Melinda

Just last week, we unexpectedly had to say the hardest goodbye to our beloved Ridgeback Layla. She was only 11, but unbeknown to us, she had developed cancer in her heart, lungs and spleen. She had only been 'sick' for two days...not once did she complain or whine.

She was the most beautiful, kind, sweet and loving girl we have ever met. I miss her desperately. Woody, her kennel mate of 8 years, misses her terribly. Every day, there is something that reminds me of her and the fact that she is no longer here.

Goodbye Taylor, My Best Friend
by: Heart Broken In GA

Tonight I am spending the last night with my best friend Taylor. He is my dog and we have been together for over 11 years. I love this dog and can't imagine what I will do tomorrow when he is no longer here to just be with me and make me feel better.

He has lung cancer and he is not happy anymore. He tries but he can barely take his walks outside without coughing with every step. It got to this point last week and I knew it was time.

I love this dog and I am going to be lost tomrrow. He has not eaten well over the past month but tonight I cooked pork chops just so he could have bones to gnaw on his last night with me. He loved them and almost had the sparkle that he used to have before he was sick.

I have not been able to tell any of my human friends because they have always thought I was in a little deep with my dog. They like him, but I love him. So I was glad to find your site on the internet. Thank you for being there. I may be back over the next few weeks while I adjust to this major loss in my life.

Taylor, know you are loved and will always be in my heart. I will never forget you and all the smiles and good times you brought to my life over the past 11 years. Goodbye my love. Rest well.....I love you.....

Saying Goodbye to All My Furry Friends
by: Pat Head

I want to say goodbye to all my furry friends that are waiting at the Raindow Bridge for me. I hope that we can cross over the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven together!

Sorry for Your Loss
by: Donna

I am so sorry. I truly understand your pain.

Today we had to say goodbye to are beloved Casey. She was a 16 year old Beagle.

The pain in my heart right now, it feels like it's going break in to a billion pieces. Seeing my son saying goodbye too his childhood best friend and buddy broke my heart.

They say time will heal. I can only hope. I Pray for your Old Friend too.

Thanks for listening.

I Understand
by: Anonymous

I just lost my boxer to liver cancer...we never WANT to say goodbye...Life forces us to.

My Gypsie Luna taught me to not get caught up in the BS. Love, don't fight and create hardships. Natural causes are enough heartbreak for a lifetime.

Peace to you. Think of what your Doberman has taught you...

by: rose

Loop, it's too bad, but remember she's in your heart.

by: rose canfield

I'm sorry, Loop. You'll still have her in your memories. :(:(:(:(:(:(

I'm so sorry for your loss
by: Holly's mom

It's been 2 months since my Holly left me so unexpectedly. She was only 5. She would have been 6 soon, her birthday is this next weekend. So young and sweet. I still cry every day for her.

I wish there was something I could say to you to help you through your pain, but I haven't found those words yet myself. It's a lonely feeling when your best friend is gone. Just know that you are not alone in your grieving. Mourn as long as you have to. Some day, hopefully you will be able to look back at the things your beautiful girl did and smile without the tears coming along with it.

Thank You!
by: Loop

Thank you all for the comments and understanding. It was a terrible ordeal. I can say I enjoyed 15 years of my life with a friend who was the example of unconditional love. I miss her and will always miss her. Hopefully in time I can open up to another beautiful red Doberman. Again, thank you all!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
? Anatole France

I'm so sorry
by: Lucky's Mom :(

Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my boy on 03/24/2011. He was also 15 :(

It's so hard. I have been grieving so hard. I'm lost and confused. I have locked myself in my room for 3 weeks now. I don't know what to do without him here. I miss him so much!! :(

Stay strong. I'll keep you and your little furbaby in my prayers. <3

It's so hard
by: Anonymous

You'll never forget. The memories you have will last your lifetime. Life continues no matter how sad you are. There's nothing you can do to bring back your friend. But, there are other buddies out there who need you just as much as you need them. Go get 'em.

It's a sad time...
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. I'm sorry for your loss.

Tthink of the happy times. They will help you get through it.


I'm so sorry
by: Sue

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. It's been 1 month and 2 days and I am still looking for my Jake when I walk in the door - it is too, too empty. May time heal your pain. God Bless

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