by Don Patin
(Wylie, Tx)

Moving to Texas Party

Moving to Texas Party

Sawyer was born on January 16, 2011 in Bryan, Arkansas. He passed in Wylie, Texas on November 16, 2021. He was quickly adopted by the Patins in Bloomington, Il on March 26th.

Sawyer lived a full life and was loved by all. He had a knack for finding ways to win people over with his charm and disposition. He loved chilly mornings and rolling in grass.

He decided the country needed healing during the 2016 election and threw his name in the ring as president. He enjoyed the race and wanted to make another run at political office.

In 2018 he moved with his family to Wylie, TX and retired as a security expert at 9 years of age. He loved visiting with his canine cousins Beck and Honey. He also enjoyed traveling until his health began to decline.

He died shortly after receiving a tough diagnosis of lymphoma. Sawyer took full advantage of his 3712 days on this planet. He enjoyed walks, resting in the grass and watching Dog TV.

He is survived by his family Don and Nancy Patin along with Caroline Patin, Madison Patin, Lauren Lavy and Brandon Lavy.

He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

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Sweet Sawyer
by: Theresa Vick

Hugs and love to the Patins as I know sweet Sawyer will be missed!!! Our love animals are such a big part of our family!

Much love!!

Sawyer Patin
by: Connie Boyer

I am just devastated to hear about the passing of Sawyer😪! He was sooo precious! I loved ❤️ seeing his different outfits for game day and holidays… And his posts on Facebook! He will be sorely missed. 😰🥰👍😪❣️

by: Debbie Johns

He will be missed. I love you guys. So sorry for your loss.

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