Sarge......Our Beloved Family Member

by Carol Hegedus
(Boonsboro, Md)

Sarge was born June 1995 and died Nov. 9th, 2008.

He was the beloved pet of Mike, Carol, Mike, Brian and Emily. He was also loved very much by Wendy, Blake, Misty and Jarod. He left behind his best two friends, Roscoe and Rebel.

Sarge loved to chase the tennis balls we batted to him, and he loved to run out in the field and chase the deer and turkeys.

We always felt safe and secure with Sarge. He was a German Shepherd, and living out in the country we never kept our doors locked, because we knew that Sarge would warn us of danger and protect us.

My youngest son is diabetic, and when he was 17, his blood sugar went dangerously low. It was in the middle of the night, we were all asleep, but Sarge heard my son convulsing and ran into our room barking. Thinking he needed out, I got out of bed and he ran right to my son's room, barking and alerting us that something was wrong. When the EMTs arrived, his blood sugar was 23. No time was wasted to get his medical treatment. Sarge,saved our son's life.

As time goes on and age comes upon all of us, so it was with Sarge. In the end, our beloved dog could not even get up. My husband would pick him up and lay him in the warm sun that he loved so much. He died peacefully at home on a Sunday morning. How fitting for Sarge to go on God's day.

Sarge will be missed so very much and will be in our hearts forever. The hurt is unbearable. But I know we will be with him again someday.

Good bye Old Friend...

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by: Anonymous

Sarge sounded like a great dog. My dalmatian passed away going on 4 months now. Time has healed me, but not completely, as I will always remember my girl who in the end was like Sarge.

She couldn't walk and died where she always slept, by the bottom of my bed.

Just keep on remembering the great times you had with Sarge as I do when I get sad.

by: Gina

Sarge was a hero and I am so incredibly sorry for your loss and your pain. Spanky was our hero. We lost him just over a week ago. I let myself cry as much as I need and it has helped a bit, but only time will heal.

My thoughts are with you.

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