Sam Wild

by Jemma Wild
(Torrington, Devon)

You were the bestest best dog I could ever have wished for. I miss you more then I can say. I am not the same without you, boy!

He was my age, 12 and a half! He was killed by a pit bull! My dog was a black Labrador named Sam (male)!

I only have 73 videos of him, but it's not the same watching them without him! He used to watch them too! I remember a person nearly stabbed me! Sam saved my life by biting that person! He was rolling on the ground screaming in pain!

I hope Sam is happy in heaven! I would do anything to see him again!

I love him so much that I have not stopped crying for the last three days. I have not been to sleep at all since that day! I miss him too much!

Rest in peace, Sam. xxxxx

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