Sam, The Beautiful Boxer Girl

by Jean
(Clarksville, IN)

Samantha Belle: December 4th, 1999-July 19th, 2008

Samantha Belle: December 4th, 1999-July 19th, 2008

Samantha Belle Darling came into our lives at a time when I guess someone up above knew we needed her. She was the runt of the litter and had been passed over multiple times until she was all that was left. When I called about her, the breeder told me she was small, but had personality.

We drove through a near blizzard to Bedford, Kentucky to pick her up and the minute she was placed in our arms, we fell in love with her. We had two beagles already and wondered how she would fit in. She made that instantly clear the minute we got home. Boxers are the clowns of the canine world and her personality was to win anyone and everyone over with her antics and facial expressions. Full of life and determination in all things, my husband likened walking her to having a bumblebee on a string.

She watched the beagles put their noses to the ground and their rumps in the air and that is how she walked a trail. When the male beagle, Gordon, would find something especially foul to roll in, Sam would drop in the same fashion and attempt a full 'Snoopy.' She never quite got the maneuver down, but she tried nonetheless.

We hiked every spring and every fall and she was quite the athlete. She especially loved our trips to St. George Island and would run full speed ahead, biting at the surf and barking loudly for all to hear. Those were probably some of the happiest moments in my life.

She made this house a home, rich and full of life. Never a dull moment for sure.

Then quite unexpectedly and without any warning she developed a UTI (urinary tract infection) in May and after two rounds of antibiotics, we had an x-ray done because we noticed her abdomen becoming more distended. There it was, a mass. That was in June.

The last 3 weeks and 5 days have been very difficult, but we cared for her and nurtured her and made her as comfortable as possible. She still had spunk in her and would bolt after the occasional squirrel (never catching one in her entire life) and still begging for table scraps. Last weekend, her breathing turned more labored and last evening we noticed edema in a hind leg. We knew, and the decision was made.

This morning at 9 AM we arrived at the vet and she was able to walk in, but promptly lay down on the floor of the private room they offered us. I sat down on the floor with her and held her soft muzzle in my hands. My husband sat above her and placed his hand on her side. She was beginning to struggle, but remained calm, her eyes still open but looking at somewhere beyond...somewhere we couldn't see.

The vet made the injection and Sam didn't flinch. She simply took one last breath and that was it. Her life, her beautiful life was gone.

We are heartbroken, we are lost. We know this pain will ease in time and we have spent the day talking about her and remembering her.

What a blessing she was to us, what an honor to have cared for her.

Love knows its greatest depth at the hour of separation.

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It Still Hurts
by: Tyson's Mom

One and one/half weeks before Christmas 2016, my beautiful boxer boy, Tyson, passed away in our living room. He had pancreatic cancer.

It's a month and a week since his death, and thought I was doing okay, but yesterday and today I started grieving more again. I know I will get over this but it hurts sooo much.

He was so intelligent and sensitive to me and my husband. He loved all my family. He was my baby but my best friend too.

I'm glad he is no longer suffering but I miss him so much. We were able to take one last walk, albeit very slowly, the day before he passed, and one last car ride with him the day he passed.

My husband is in a hurry to get another boxer but I'm not ready yet.

Thanks for the posting about Sam.

by: Tori

I am bawling my eyes out reading these stories. I was 17 when my mom said I could get a dog. I had friends who had boxers and I always wanted one. Their personalities are one of a kind and will make you fall in love.

I went on Valentine's Day 2007 and picked out the only all-white male. I named him Lucky. He changed my life forever. He was there for high school graduation, college graduation, boyfriends, heartbreaks, parties... you name it!

I took him so many places that if I showed up at a familiar place without him (which was rare) everyone asked where he was. He was even allowed inside a bar I went to sometimes because the owner and his wife loved him so much.

He was diagnosed with bone cancer a few months ago at age 9 and there was nothing I could do. He held on as long as he could, having bad days that broke my heart and puppy-like days that lifted my spirit. Then he started going downhill fast and I begged God to just let him go on his own when he was ready. He answered my heartbreaking prayer and after 3 days of sleeping a lot and eating very little, Lucky collapsed in the yard and died instantly.

This was just last week and I feel like I can't handle life right now. I lost my dad and an ex-boyfriend and this pain feels far more deep for some reason. I can't imagine life without my best friend. I don't have Facebook but my mom called me the other day and said to log onto her Facebook if I wanted my spirits lifted, so I did.

I couldn't believe it. You would have thought a celebrity died! Tons of people, from friends to family members, were posting pictures, statuses, comments, etc. about Lucky and how he was the best dog ever and made them a better person. Even friends I hadn't seen in years! I got some peace knowing how he impacted so many lives!

So to end my long story, my boyfriend went out and got me a 10-week-old white boxer yesterday and I think this little guy can sense my resentment. He looks exactly like Lucky and acts nothing like him. I cringe every time he chews up a shoe or pees on the floor, things that Lucky never did even as a pup. I swear he was just born perfect.

My boyfriend swears that I'm going get used to him and fall in love because I'm a "great boxer mom" but it's too soon. He doesn't deserve for me to grab Lucky's toy out of his mouth and burst into tears. Any thoughts or suggestions would really help right now from you fellow boxer lovers.

Sorry this was so long but it helps to talk about him with people who understand what it's like to love a boxer.

Maxx Dogg
by: Chris Carter

I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 9 years, Maxx the boxer, yesterday. Today will be the first day that I will go home and he won't be there to greet me.

We had some wonderful times. He danced, rode with me everywhere, made friends at doggie day care, helped me enjoy our new home and always let me control the tv remote. We watched hours of tv together on the couch.

I will miss him terribly.

Sending hugs to all who have also lost their beloved, beautiful boxers.

My Jasmine
by: Lisa

I'm so sad for your loss. I feel your pain. What a beaut Sam was.

Jasmine is my fun, silly, loyal, playful best boxer friend. She will be 10 in October. She's had cancer several times and has a serious heart condition but you wouldn't know it. She's currently throwing her chew sticks in the air and chasing them in circles!

One day will be a fight we can't win and part of me will die with her. I can't imagine that moment.

Stay strong and treasure your memories of beautiful Sam. x

by: Tina and a Rich

We have a beautiful boxer bitch, red with white socks. She has been a devoted friend, a joy to own and love. We have been blessed to have been owned by her.

She would be 11 years on 15th June next, but we have thought long and hard and discussed how she is now, and have come to the decision that it is time to say goodbye. We love her so much! It's a very hard decision.

God help us, and keep our baby safe till we see her again, hopefully.

Just Tonight
by: Stephen

Tonight I was with our Boxer Sampson when he died. He was somewhere between 2 and 5 years old when we rescued him from a shelter in Virginia.

He's been the brightest light in our home for seven years since that day. Tonight he was playing with our two year old and out of the blue, he sort of half buckled like he was going to pee. He walked over to the wall by my chair and laid down. I knew when I looked in his eyes that he was dying.

I laid down face to face with him and did what I could to comfort him. He was gone in minutes. I had to be strong to at least try to provide him a feeling a safety or strength as he passed, but when he was gone, I cried like a baby.

I carried his lifeless body downstairs and carefully buried him with his toy pheasant and his favorite towel. I cried so hard for all the light and love he had given our pack and the thought of him being cold in the ground.

I am happy his passing was quick and I was there with him to provide what comfort I could. It's late and I miss him snoring and keeping us warm in our bed. It's so quiet in here. I feel like our house became a big empty shell. I miss him so much...

I know your pain, as the wound is new. I hope that time will soften the blow. I feel he was one of a kind and can never be replaced.

I hope in the end you guys only remember the good times, and I hope to do the same.

For Scott and Goldie
by: suzanne

I'm so sorry for your loss, Scott. So sad. Thank you for sharing your story with me.



by: Anonymous

Reading previous comments, I am having to fight back the tears as Thursday September 6th will be 1 year that my Bonky baby passed away.

He gave my children and me 10 wonderful loving years. Boxers are with no question the best breed in the world and until one has experienced the joys of a boxer as a part of their family, one will never know the joys. So brilliant and loving.

He is so sadly missed. I came on this site to find a quote that I can add to his photo that I plan on posting on my facebook page on Thursday. If anyone has a unique quote in regards to boxers that I could share please email me at

Thank you and god bless all the boxer lovers.

by: Scott

I feel for your loss. Last night we lost our 8 and half year old boxer "Goldie." Fortunately, we were by her side. Just 10 minutes prior to her passing I was hugging her and playing with her in our living room. We're pretty sure she died of sudden heart failure.

I'm in shock today and miss her so much. She was the most incredible dog I've ever known. Boxers are amazingly funny, smart, and loyal.

She was my very dear friend. It hurts more than I could imagine.

Solsun Simmons
by: Whitney

Just today at 2:45pm I had to say goodbye to my baby boy boxer Solsun who, even though we had him for 11 wonderful, amazing years and he was old, will always be my baby boy.

He had a similar story where he had good days walking and bad. We found out a couple months ago that he had some cancerous masses growing in his stomach and chest. The vet said that whenever we were ready, he was... even though now I know I'll never be ready. But we had to make the decision for the best interest of Solsun.

Boxers are amazing dogs, human-like in their emotional expressions and such diverse personalities. There will never be another Solsun or Sam, they both were wonderful in their own ways. Sadly, we have to believe that their absence from us is only for the better for them.

Since they've brought so much joy to our lives we owe them when the time comes to help them from the pain.

I hope as time passes dealing with him gone will hurt less, but I hope he's watching over me and will keep me okay. He smiled right before he went. I believe that was his way of saying "Thanks Mom"<3

I know Sam misses you as much as you miss her.

Bright Shooting Stars
by: Debbie

I have been blessed to have 2 wonderful boxers in my life, and my niece has also had 2. They are gone far too soon... But isn't that the way of "Bright Shooting Stars"? Blaze brightly... so beautiful but burn out... too soon.

My heart goes out to you.

Still mourning my best friend
by: Benjamin ZAOUI

I am so sorry for your loss, I randomly stumbled on your page searching for a movie by the title of "The beautiful boxer." Funny where things lead you sometimes. I can relate so much to what you are going through.

I saw my gentle Lady (a German Shepherd) go from an excited puppy to an old girl in no time. Before I knew it she was gone, and when I think of her I still can't quite grasp that she is no longer here... Life is such an odd gift, that it leads me to think it is more of a curse sometimes.

She brought me such joy. I try to remember those times, but I just want to be with her and know that she is happy...

I leave you with this, and hope that you can cope with your loss, as I still find myself challenged to deal with her disappearance. No words can do her credit as she was such a kind and loving animal that I still wonder if I was worthy to have been her owner.

by: Anonymous

I recently just lost our baby girl, Precious, she was only 6 1/2. She died suddenly.

It is so hard. It has been two weeks and I just miss her so much. I didn't even know there was anything wrong with her. We think it was boxer cardiomyopathy.

Boxers are such wonderful dogs. They have so much love and joy. She would always make me laugh, with her kidney bean dance, and those expressions on her face.

My heart goes out to anyone who has lost their dog. I know they are a part of your family.

I will always miss her. She would always wait for me to come home. She would follow me from room to room. :) I hope that in reading this, it will help someone. It has helped me to read others' stories about their wonderful dogs.

May you rest in peace my sweet Precious baby girl. I'll always love you.

This is sad...
by: Sanson

I am so sorry for your loss. We own a 9 year old boxer and he has been the joy of our home but recently he has not been doing so well. We are close to facing the decision also of letting him go :(

by: Kate

So sorry for your loss, My beautiful female Boxer Amber was put to sleep yesterday after 12 wonderful years. I'm in shock and my heart is broken. I hope the pain eases soon.

Everywhere I look I expect to see her. She was my best friend. I miss her soooo very much. When I read your story I understood your pain. Amber was the exact same colouring as Sam.

Sooo sad. X

Beautiful Boxer
by: Anonymous

You truly had a beautiful Boxer. We too, are the proud owner of one. I will be sad the day we have to say good bye. Just know that Sam is in heaven and one day you will be with her again.

by: mike

I too had to put my boxer down last night 07-13-09. What a heart-rending thing it is to do. My Louie also had labored breathing. We found out he had multiple tumors in his chest. My only thought was that he not suffer.

Amazing creatures they are. He had my heart from the moment I set my eyes on him. Now my little one I have to care for. Also another boxer. :)

Take care

Your Loss
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I put mine down. it will never be the same with out my Dolly. What a pretty dog you had. Dod love her.


by: Tricia

I know how you feel. I, too, had a boxer named Samantha and she was the cutest, most loyal, fun loving dog. Boxers must have some kind of human intuition. I'm sorry for your loss. Maybe someday you will want another Boxer, when the time is right. It will get easier as time goes by but they'll be forever missed!!!!

by: Anonymous

I know your pain. This is beautifully and heartfelt written.

Your Boxer
by: Lisa

I cannot imagine...but I have a boxer going on 11 years now and he has never caught a squirrel either but he still tries.

I love that dog like my own son so I can imagine what you're going thru.

I just hugged a friend's dog for the last time-Streega, and I know Murf will be the next...

But I pray Lord not today.

Boxers bring soooooo much joy, that I know I will get another.
I am so sorry for your pain.

by: Anonymous

I share your tears. Oh how terribly hard it is to lose them. How wonderful it is to have them and the joy - each one different in his/her own personality.

The way I have to look at it is that one day when I go to Heaven, I will be able to see my lost little ones again.

Sam is now playing and enjoying her eternal life along with all of the beautiful furry friends already there.

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