Sally, my best friend

by Robert
(Birmingham, England)



I got my dog Sally from the dog's home in Birmingham, UK, in May, 1997. At the time I was recovering from depression after a series of personal and professional failures, disasters and disappointments. I needed something to cling to and my dog Sally was it.

For twelve years we went everywhere, walking in the roads and fields near my home, on the tow-path by the local canal (where she used to chase the ducks off the path into the water!), having coffee in the local shopping centre, where we were a regular sight.

There was a downside. You can't just jump on a coach for a day trip etc., because a dog is like a child. You have to arrange a baby-sitter!!

But, the advantages massively outweighed this -- the company, the walks, the affection. A dog just loves you, a dog is love on legs. I used to tie her up outside the local shops while I went inside and she would bark until I came back-- as soon as she saw me she would stop barking and everything was OK.

Unfortunatey, she developed a brain tumour, confirmed by an MRI scan, and she was put to sleep on Friday, 12th June, 2009. I just can't get over it. The emptiness in my flat is unreal. Everybody loved her.

I miss her terribly. I've done nothing but cry since she was put to sleep. I think I'll have to get another dog sooner or later, because I need something to love, but not just yet--I have to dry my tears for the best friend I've ever had first.

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Thank You
by: Robert

I just wanted to say thank you to the kind people who left words of sympathy and support under Sally's memorial--it was much appreciated. It's taken me a good three months to get over losing her but I've now got another rescue dog-Billy, a small brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross (not sure what with!). He's very cute and affectionate and is filling that dog-shaped hole in my life. I won't forget Sally; her photograph stays on the wall, but now I can enjoy those walks again.

God Bless. Robert.

Give the love Sally got to another new little friend.
by: Anonymous

I always think all that love you feel for one pet, should be shared with another. My MIL went through a hard time when she lost her dog. Right away we got her another dog/friend and it helped with the emptiness. Besides, there’s not enough love in the world for pets. Animal lovers should right away give that gift to another life. It's like hugs--they only have a purpose when you give them away; not just to one person/pet, but to many.

Your Sally
by: tom


So sorry for your loss of Sally. She sounds like she was a great friend.

I lost my little buddy Ned on 3-24-09 and, as you, I have been devastated. He was always there for me. I also needed a little friend again. Well I now have a new wheaten terrier puppy named Archie and we are starting our journey through life together.

I promised I would never forget my old friend. and I won't.

Look into getting a new pup. You will never forget Sally. I know the pain you feel now, and it will get better over time. I still cry when I think of Ned.

Listen for her bark in the wind and don't rush it, but she will come to you in your dreams. You will see her again.

Good Luck,

by: Anonymous

I know you can't see any light yet but trust me, it will appear over time. I know how you feel, trust me, i do indeed. The emtiness is a bottomless pit. It will get better -- maybe not 100% but it will.

God bless.

John from NH

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