Rocky -- Can't Let Go

by Debbie
(Buffalo NY)

It has been 8 months since we lost him. I try to explain this sorrow I feel to those without pets, but they don't understand. I ache to see him every day. The house is empty without him.

Rocky was an Alaskan Husky, with the most beautiful blue eyes you can imagine. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him. They would say "Hi Rocky" when I would walk him. He just loved everyone. Especially the kids, and my grandchildren. They knew Rocky since the day they came home from the hospital, all their lives.

He was 16 years old when we let him go. His kidneys were failing, and a mass developed in his stomach. I feel so guilty, but the vet said this happens very quickly and you can sometimes never tell. He was 16 and it was his time, but this did not ease my heartache in the least.

I miss his big furry head resting on my lap, and the way he would "talk" to me. Huskys like to "talk," and he always got the last word. We have rescued a dog from the SPCA, but I am having trouble bonding with her. She is a beagle/lab mix, and just the cutest, but she is not my Rocky. I know it will take time, but I wish for Rocky to be here every day!!!

I know he is waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge, and is healthy and happy as he was in his youth. But the grieving continues, sometimes silently. We say good morning to him and goodnight every day. We all miss him so much!!! I will never stop loving him. He will always be my Rocky!!

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It's So Hard To Let Go
by: Laurie

I'm sorry for your loss of Rocky. It sounds as though he was a wonderful boy. I lost my Holly on March 14, 2011. Today, Oct 21st, marks our anniversary of getting her from the Humane Society, 6 years ago. I still miss her so much. She's the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning.

She loved all people and all dogs. Hopefully, she and Rocky are playing together in complete health. I can only hope.

He loved you more than you loved him...and I'm sure he showed you that every day he was with you. They sure do take our hearts with them when they go, don't they.

Please take care.

by: Wayne

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Rocky. I lost my Akita 9 months ago and know how you must feel. I also have gotten another Akita whom I love dearly, but like you, I still miss my long time companion.

Fortunately, now I can think of the good times we had together.

I know exactly how you feel
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel!!! I lost my Maltese Beau 6 months ago and I grieve for him daily. The house is empty, and so lonely without him. I have a new job with long hours, so have not yet taken in another dog, but will and hopefully soon. I know I cannot bring Beau back, so I try to move forward as he would want me to every day.

Try to remember all the wonderful times you had with Rocky, and give yourself time to bond with your new doggy. It will never be the same, but Rocky would not want you to be alone and without another best friend. The world is full of so many dogs who need loving homes, and only dog lovers like us can give one to them. Best wishes to all of you!!!

Your Rocky
by: Sharon

I can identify with your grief and pain. I lost my Carley in May to the same thing your Rocky had. It was one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make in my life, but it was the very last love and kindness I could give her.

Carley and I lived together for 13 years. I have no children or grandchildren. She was my baby and I still cry almost every day.

At some point we have to look back and think of the memories and some of the silly things they did to make us laugh. I know my life was better because of her being in it.

Don't let anyone tell you not to be sad or grieve, because they just don't understand how much Rocky meant to you and your family.

I plan to get a new puppy in the spring. I know Carley would approve. She loved me with all the unconditional love that we can not find anywhere else in this world. In our hearts we will always love them, and we also know they will be waiting for us at Heaven's gate. Take care.

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