RIP My Beloved Chance

by Angelique
(Rock Hill, SC)



Chance was the name we picked for you. It was on chance that I decided your daddy needed you and would love you. Out of 20 pups, he knew you were the one. You chewed and pooped and whined your way into our hearts.

You grew to a massive 80lb boxer baby. You never knew how big you really were. You were always our baby. To sit on our laps, you could never understand why it got diffucult as you grew older... you must have thought our laps got smaller. Still you tried.

I still cry when I think of you, with your humongous feet and small puppy body, as you climbed to the edge of the bathtub, teetering on the edge just wanting to be on my body but not to touch the water as I tried to take a bath. I knew you were special.

You were with us to teach us how precious every moment is with a pet. To let us know that the crazy days were there so that our pets could be allowed to love us and calm us and remind us of how wonderful life is in the small moments.

Chance, my love, I miss you!! I regret every single moment that I was busy and said I'll give you a little love later. You were too young to die. I want you home with me. But, so that you know, I've vowed that Kadence, Roger and James, in your honor, would never hear again..."When I have a little more time..."

I want the time back with you. I know I can't have it... but, know my dear puppy... I love you so much...and I will never let you out of my heart. When I die, I will go to the Rainbow Bridge and gather you in my arms. Please be there to meet Kadence, Roger and James if I am not there first!! I love big, baby boy!!


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