Rikki, Our Constant Companion

by Sam & Shirley Lasley
(Clearwater, Florida)

It was 16 years ago that Rikki came to live with us. She had been an abused and mistreated dog whose owners had tried to starve her to death.

We didn't want another dog, but our daughter Debbie brought her to Florida from Michigan where she would hopefully enjoy warmer weather since she was short-haired, a small Rat Terrier.

From the day we got her she was a constant joy and loyal companion. She learned hundreds of words, and obeyed without question. She responded to our love with more of her own. She was joyful, and wanted nothing more than to love and to be loved in return. Our company was all she required to complete her happiness, and seemed content to always be in the room with us or curled up on a couch nearby.

Hunting squirrels was her favorite pastime, and she would come running to me to bring a tool to get them out of the trees. She was fearless, killing citrus rats and a number of snakes as well.

When God called her home at age 18 we nearly died along with her. She was cremated and is on our mantel in the family room. Whichever of us (my wife or I) goes first, she will be placed in the casket with us so that we can't be separated on the last day.

We can't think of replacing her as it would be impossible. We will just mourn for her until the time that the three of us are reunited in God's Heaven for all eternity.

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by: Lisa Greene

First of all, thank you for commenting on my Jazz's memorial. Your kind words meant a lot. Not everyone understands the loss.

Your Rikki was so cute and I am so sorry for your sadness. But how wonderful that you were able to give her a happy, loving home after such a rough start to her life! I really do believe that rescued dogs know and appreciate the second chance that they are given. You did a wonderful thing bringing her into your lives!

Best wishes!


Sophie Girl
by: Sam & Shirley Lasley

Thanks for your kind thoughts. Tears came to my eyes as I read what you had written. It has been a month now since we lost Rikki but her ashes are on our mantel and will be in our casket when the first of us dies. We pray every day that Rikki will be in Heaven waiting for us.

We share your sorrow about Sophie Girl, and will put you on our daily prayer list.

Sam & Shirley

by: Alexis

I am so sad for you. Your story of Rikki is one I can definitely relate to. I lost my Sophie girl who was with me all of her 16 years last night. She had to be put down after a nose bleed that became a disaster and turned out to be a tumor, all within a hour! It was the most traumatic and difficult thing I have ever had to do.

Losing a dog is not much different than losing anyone else you were close to. I know it is difficult but I'm sure Rikki would wish you to keep on keeping on!

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