Rikki Boy Gutierrez Was My Best Friend, Companion and Son

by Joseph Gutierrez
(Wilmington, CA)

It's the third day and I can't believe he's gone, even though I personally had witnessed a silent howl as to let those who had went before him and those he was leaving behind know that he was truly changing worlds.

My wife, Zhenie, cried "Rikki Boy wake up, wake up Rikki Boy" but the brave, loyal Jack Russell who has been with me three years longer than my wife would not be waking up again. He lay motionless now after contracting heat stroke like every summer before, only this time it was fatal. We did our best to cool him off but his little body got hotter and hotter until the moment of the silent howl and he went with God. This will be a page in my book of life that I will have to fold. To ask the Glorious Father someday, "Why did you take my Rikki Boy when we needed him so much?" Only on that day will it be revealed why Rikki Boy had to go.

I love you, Rikki Boy, with all my soul and so does Mommy. Your brothers are sad at their loss of your companionship, and mourn constantly. Rikki Boy, my son, go forward and sit at the throne of our Father where we will all be reunited someday. Get to know all of the relatives who have gone before you and ready us to meet them. Reserve our place in the House of the Lord and watch over us for all of our days just as we watched over you.

I miss your smile, I miss your nudging touch, I miss the warmth of your body and how no matter where I was in the house, you'd lay at my feet. Lay now Son at the feet of Our Holy Father and please guide us all home to him soon. Just like the way you would put yourself to bed, you travelled first from this world to guide us Home. I miss you and I love you my son and I always will...

Love, Daddy

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Happy Birthday Mijito
by: Joseph Gutierrez

Happy 18th Birthday, Son. I miss you so very much.

I know Diko is there with you, to keep you company. How is your Ninong Rick? I know he's happy to see you both again, and happy that you both had a good life here with Sangko, Mommy and Daddy.

You have a new brother, Keno, whom you've never met. Please watch over him and Sangko like you do for Mommy and Daddy. As you know, I've learned a lot about the Lord, who has you now. I know now the path I must travel to see you both again. I'm doing much better in that regard but I still need to improve.

Nothing can motivate me more than to be sure that I one day humbly reside, God willing, with you, my first son. With your brother Diko, and eventually Sangko, Keno and Mommy.

Go see Pastor Steve, Mijo. Take your brother with you and introduce yourselves. He will bless you and your brother. Thank him for bringing Daddy to our Lord.

We love and miss you both.
Mommy & Daddy

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