Rest in Peace Little Buddy

by Eric Schneider
(Centennial, CO)

Joey ready for the cold

Joey ready for the cold

Joey Aaron Schneider passed away at 17:30 on September 2, 2011. Just two weeks ago he was running around with his little brother A.J. (Another Joey) in the house and in the yard. Then one day, without any warning, he could no longer use his hind legs. I was cautiously optimistic that it was due to some nutritional deficiency but feared the worst to come.

In the days preceding his death, he spent day and night crying. I don't know if it was cries out of frustration because he could no longer move around like he did just two weeks ago, or because he was in pain. Maybe a little of both. But regardless, I had to make the difficult decision to put him at peace.

Joey, in your final moments, I was there right by your side. Please know that all I ever wanted was the best for you. While the memory of your little head falling into my hand as you took your last breath is fresh in my mind, it's all the wonderful memories and unconditional love you brought to our family that will live on.

I woke up at 03:30 this morning to hearing your cries so clear that I thought you were right beside me. I only hope those cries were your way of telling me that everything is going to be okay. That you were crying for me because you don't want me to be sad.

I love you so much. Your memory will be with me for eternity. Rest in peace, little buddy. You are no longer in pain.

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