Raevon Southern Cross (Stellar) 10/2/2002 - 20/07/2011

by Chris

It's been over two years since that horrid cancer took you away and I still miss you so much. Your collar and lead were only recently put away when Nicholas moved in.

You would have loved Nick. He is just a big bouncy boxer boofhead, not the dignified girl you were.

I thought you had so much to learn when I first picked you up as a puppy all those years ago, but I soon realised you had more to teach me.

Our last day together was not what I had planned, but your diagnosis was uncovered with only hours to spare. I knew deep inside all was not well, but your stoicism gave nothing away. A true boxer.

I am so glad that I was with you to help you at your time of greatest need. It was an honour to hold you as you went home. Your burden was lifted and your dignity retained. I couldn't have asked for more.

After all this time, your blankets still have your smell, and when I hold them near, you are with me. I can't wait to see you again - meet you at the bridge.

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Stellar's Legacy

Thank you for your kind words, Ed. I do find solace that Stell is in a better place, as is Co Co. They are both waiting patiently for our return.

My heart goes out to you, as I still vividly remember that ghastly day, and how utterly devastated and inconsolable I was then and for a long time after. I know you felt exactly the same way when it was time for Co Co to return.

But Ed, here my story takes a slight turn because Stellar came back to me that same night while I was lying in bed with my teary puffy face feeling wretched and alone. I finally put the light out and and lay in the dark, but knew that sleep would be a long time coming in a house that was now so quiet.

Shortly after I switched the light off, I heard her "pay attention" bark. I looked over to the door to see a moving black shape in the darkness that I knew was clearly my girl. She had tiny pinpricks of light all around the edges. She walked to the end of my bed and sat down.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was an incredibly powerful yet peaceful moment. She then slowly faded into the surrounding darkness and disappeared.

I have shared this story with family and friends, who insist I was so shaken by the events of the day that it had infiltrated my dreams.

I know what I saw. I know what I heard. She came back to say goodbye and to tell me she was OK. I felt enormously comforted by her visit and can't help but think how far my anguish and despair must have been felt for God to send her to me one last time.


So Far Away Yet so Close
by: Big Ed

I'm so sorry for your loss, Chris.

Reading your story toched me deeply as I share so much in common with you.

I lost my Co Co just over two years ago to a disease only god himself could save her from. Like you, I thought that when I resuced her, I would be the one teaching her that all humans weren't evil. Like you, I quickly discovered it was she that would teach me more about being human than I thought I'd learned in the 50 years of my life. In fact, Co Co rescued me.

Two years ago, I too made the same decision you did, and as it was for you, it was for me as well. I was heartbroken and devastated. I take comfort in the knowledge that Co Co is home with her Father in Heaven now, and that all her Earthly pains are gone.

I have her collar and leash next to her photo and ashes. The vet took an imprint of her paw for me, and I've since had it tattooed over my heart. Her blankets still ride in the Jeep and hold her scent, like yours.

I miss her every day and think of her often. Just as your Stellar was to you, Co Co was my best friend, my protector, my constant companion and my teacher.

I know they are both still watching over us, Chris, and that one day, when it's our turn to be called home, they will be there to greet and welcome us.

God bless you. Stay strong and give your new pup all the love you have to give.

Ed in Denver

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