QP "aka" Poochie Bear

by Marleen
(Dunn, NC)

I got him December 17, 2008. He was one of the best Christmas presents that I had ever gotten. My boyfriend got him for me because the dog we adopted the year before was "in love" with him.

I didn't realize that I was gonna fall in love with that little black chihuahua, but I did. I fell hard. He was so handsome, he was black with brown paws and brown eyebrows. His ears were so perky and he was so cute when he played. Our other dog, Autumn, is a 45lb. golden retriever/hound mix, and he would play just as hard as she would.

He ate his weight in food, loved cheese and carrots, and could slurp spagetti noodles just like "Lady and the Tramp"! He loved to sit on my chest and curl up in a ball. He would crawl under the blankets and sprawl out when he slept.

I know that we only had him for a few months, but I feel like he was my son and that I had him forever. I can't stop crying for him. I walk into the house and I expect to hear the pattering of his paws on the kitchen floor. I call my boyfriend and I have to refrain from saying "How's Poochie Bear?"

He died on the road last night. I think maybe he set out looking for me and lost his way. I think that I will keep a light on at all times, just in case he finds his way back to me. Just in case......

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Poochie Bear
by: Lisa

I read your memorial about Poochie Bear. You sound exactly like me with regard to walking in the house and listening for the pitter patter of their paws. I lost my Bella on Saturday, March 28, 2009. She was just 2 1/2 years old. She died in her sleep. We have no idea why and I am sick about it. She was my child and now I am left with numbness and sadness beyond explanation.

If you ever want to write me directly, please feel free to email me at lalexanderbluiz@yahoo.com


Keep the light on
by: tom

I hope you feel better. I lost my Ned to pneumonia yesterday at 9 1/2 years young. I am trying to cope but I think it's impossible. I was hoping his mom would be waiting for him but she is still alive. Maybe he will run into Poochie Bear.

Keep the light on and wait for him in your dreams.

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