Puffy 3-17-2011 to 08-18-2011

I miss you so much. I never got the chance to say bye. My heart is hurting right now.

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Owner of Puffy
by: Karen

You are hurting so very much and I'm so sorry about your loss of Puffy. Puffy only made it to 5 months, according to your subject heading. That is very sad! I can well understand all the bonding that you did with Puffy and then for Puffy to be gone so soon.

You obviously looked forward to a long life ahead with your Puffy. I wish I could help ease all that sadness that you are going through. I am reaching out and sending a BIG, LLLOOOOOOOOONNNGG BEAR HUG.

Please tell us more about Puffy, e.g., was it a male or female and what happened to make him/her lose its life?

May God help you to go through another day with less pain, heartache and sorrow. He is keeping Puffy safely in Heaven. You will be asking "Why did this happen to Puffy?" We do not have the answers to a lot of things in life but we can learn, day by day, to accept and be grateful for whatever time we had with our pets. It helps when we look at life in a way that we are always grateful for everything.

I lost my Tiger of 9 years last June and I kept asking "Why?", "Why?", "Why?" until I read of other owners who lost their pets at a much younger age. Then I began to be grateful for the 9 years we had together.

You had 5 months with Puffy. One of my friends just lost her puppy after 3 weeks of owning it. That was very sad for her.

To me, my Tiger was the best German Shepherd ever. I played the piano for him and sang songs for him. He loved that. I miss our times together so much. He was my best friend.

But eventually, and in good time, we must all move on and give other pets a chance to feel all that love and attention that we have inside of us. Of course, we hold on to the beautiful memories of days gone by (all too soon) with our loving pets but remember all the other pets living in this world right now that need our love, waiting in a long line that could probably go around the globe 100 times.

Again, I'm so very, very sorry to read of Puffy's passing at such a tender age. All God's Blessing to you.

by: Mary Ann

I can tell you are hurting. I want to hear more about Puffy. It may be too soon, but when you are ready, please tell us more. We have been going through this a month now and can maybe help.

The pain is retching but take a breath at a time and put one foot in front of the other. There are so many out there who understand and can help. At least start by reading these postings. Share more and get more relief. We are here and we know what you are going through. You are in in my prayers.

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