PRINCESS a true name to the meaning of love and loyalty

by Edwin Ortiz
(York, PA USA)

Me and my girl 2 months prior

Me and my girl 2 months prior

After 18 years of faithful dog service and love and loyalty, today, October 12, 2009, at 8pm, Princess moved into the other side of a better place.

I will never forget the sounds your tail made on the wooden stairs as you use to scurry up and down them in your youthful days. I will cherish all the boyhood and adulthood memories shared with you. It was an honor and a pleasure to grow up with you.

I will never forget how much joy and happiness you have brought to our family. Watching you slip away was the hardest thing to watch. You stayed strong and never let out a "yelp." I only hope and pray that I can grow up strong like you, without letting out a "yelp" when my times comes...

I love you old girl...

Please watch over us...

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For your Princess from my Queenie..
by: CJ Juntilla

"Watching you slip away was the hardest thing to watch."

I like this line from you, sir. That was really the hardest part of our lives, watching them helplessly. It made us feel the pain even more for them.

I also lost a dog, on Nov. 15, 2009. No, I mean, a baby. She is Queenie. And relating to your Princess, they were truly a royal Princess, and Queen of our hearts, their highness.

They now at their longest peace... with God. ^_^


For the Princess
by: connie

The hole in my heart is still very painful from the loss of my Laddie. We are so lucky to have shared time on earth with such companions. I know we will be together again.

She is watching over you and wants you to take care of you.

by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. Dogs have unconditional love to give and to get...

John from NH

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