Powder, My Dear Best Friend

by John Sundahl

You were my dearest friend and companion for 14 years. I will cherish those years and wait to see you in the afterlife.

Lord Buddha wrote “Oh Noble Creature the time has come for the two of us to part. And for you to go to a better place, a place deep inside my heart. A place where you’ll be be free to chase cars and balls and play. So go noble creature thru that doggy door. And fetch a stick. And wag thy tail forevermore while a friendly voice repeats, “Good dog, good dog.”

I love you.

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What a Horrible Day
by: David Hayes

John was my good friend. I owe my sobriety to him and will always be grateful. My two kids called him Uncle John and they are heart-broken.

Rest well, friend.

John and Powder Are Together Again
by: Ron Hamby

John Sundahl was flying near Kabul, where he worked as a private helicopter pilot, earlier this month when a missile hit his aircraft and killed him. RIP John...

Thank You
by: Samantha Keal

I did not know you or your dear friend Powder, but after reading your poem I feel like my doggy is in good company. She passed last week. I hope Powder is showing her the ropes in doggy heaven.

Your Doggy
by: Kerry Lopez

I just lost my doggy, and she looks like your doggy. I felt better reading your tribute. Thank you.

She Is Your Eternal Friend
by: April K.

I did not know Powder, but I feel her soul in your smile. You are such a kind man. Powder was lucky to have you in her life too.

Good Dog
by: Jon

It's sad when a friend passes away.

Lord Buddha wasn't really acquainted with cars. The poem is from the movie "Say It Isn't So."

by: Alex Simmons

I am sad Powder passed away. You and she were so happy together. She was a blessing to all who knew her. She touched so many lives.

Rest well, friend.

One Year Later
by: Sandra Montoya

It's been one year since my buddy passed. I hope you are doing well, Johnny. Your love to her touched us all in our group. You are a beautiful soul and all of us are touched by your loving soul.

Bless you my friend. I hope you are well.

by: Lisa freemont

I know Powder Puff, as you called her so many times, is running to catch the critters in the fields in heaven. I miss her.

We love you, John.

A Great Loss
by: Amy P.

I will always remember how you loved and cared for her. I will miss Powder.

by: Chloe

She touched so many lives, including mine. I loved her and will miss her big smile.

by: Anonymous

You were the best doggy daddy ever. I will miss her. Love you.


by: Allen Sonoma

Powder touched my life in many ways. I will always remember her. She was an angel.

Powder's Passing
by: Maria Sanchez

God bless her loving soul. I will miss her greatly.

Powder Puff
by: Anonymous

I will miss Powder too. You and she were so cute together. You are a good man.

by: Anonymous

I was sick to hear of Powder's passing. I loved your kindness to her. She was truly a blessing. All my best.

Kind Man
by: Anonymous

After I read this, I felt better that my dog is in heaven and playing with your Powder. You are the kindest man to write such things. Thank you for your poem.

by: Cindy

I love that poem. Makes me feel a little better knowing that our furbabies are playing and that they are loved. Sending my condolences. Know that we feel your pain.

by: Anonymous

I didn't know your pooch, but this was truly a beautiful poem. I how you are well, John. It does ease things to think as you do.

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