Pooh's Unconditional Love

by Bradford
(Dallas, GA USA)



My Dear Little Man Pooh: There aren't words that can say how much I miss you so. You brought all of Heaven. Without you, each moment is a burden that I will forever know.

I always knew that you completed me, and a soulmate you were meant for me. So my beloved little hero, without you, again I am incomplete.

You taught me more love than I could have ever known, and loyalty beyond belief. Without your precious face and heart, for me only death shall bring relief. I miss you, my little angel. A saint you'll always be.

I pray that when my final breath is drawn, you'll be waiting there for me. God hold you in His bosom and keep you loved and safe and at God's table. I pray you feast, for I know my life without you, Little Man, will be a life of grief.

In just 4 short years, you brought me more happiness than I could have known in many lifetimes. You accomplished a task so great and with such nobility. You were my happiness, my joy, my love, my hope, my everything that made me know that dogs are the greatest gifts that God gave to man.

My love will always be alive for you. I have but one thing now to look forward to and that is seeing you again. Daddy LOVES you, my Baby Pooh. The world is such a lesser place without you here. God, please bless my Pooh.

"SpookyBoo" Posey

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To All That's Lost
by: Brad Posey

Thank you, each and every one of you for your kind and warm sympathies expressed during this "life altering" time. I, too, am so very sorry that you know my pain for it's a pain that no one knows until it happens to us.

These Angels were given to us, and without them, life can never be the same. I pray for each of you to be comforted until you are with your soulmate again.

I hear the tapping of little feet just like I always did, and a number of times I have felt a brush against my leg during my tearful moments.

I have to believe they remain in some way. That was their nature on earth so is it too hard to believe that their love still lives on to comfort us? I like to think there is more than my eye can see.

Thank you all again and may God comfort each of you.


Lovely Poem
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about Pooh.

I miss my dog Nita. She passed away early this year.

Thanks for sharing your tribute.

Thinking of You
by: Richard Kuch

What a lovely memorial. I know what you're going through.


You Have Expressed Well What I Feel
by: Tim Vinge

Well said. I appreciate your words as we just lost our bichon after 19 years. We all miss her, including our small shih tzu. She wanders from room to room looking for our beloved Ruffles. We keep telling her that someday she will once again be with her beloved friend.

You have expressed what is in your heart. That is so important. Your words have helped me as well.


I'm So Sorry
by: Luba

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful dog. May Pooh rest in God's loving embrace.

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