Our White Boxer, Daisy

by Jeanie
(St Paul, MN)

We adopted Daisy from Boxer Rescue in 2002. We fell in love with her when we looked into her soulful brown eyes. She was a pretty White Boxer with the most adorable spots on her expressive ears.

We knew that Boxers have particular health issues, and she was diagnosed with lymphoma just six weeks ago. Four bouts of chemo wore her out and she gradually stopped eating and drinking. She lost weight so quickly and was starting to sleep in different rooms, and eventually she was lying under the lilacs till we could coax her in the house. Our hearts broke as we noticed the signs of her declining health.

Daisy was our princess. She was the best car companion and she loved to camp. Wonderful memories were made on our road trips, pet friendly hotels and inns, and movie night. She was a fan of popcorn. Daisy and I would dance our Friday night dance because we were excited for the weekend.

Daisy slept with us every night. When our arms went around her, she would heave a big sigh of contentment. She loved to burrow on chilly nights.

This afternoon, we had to let our little girl go.

It hurt to say good-bye. It hurt worse to see her suffer.

We love you, Daisy Maisy. See you on the other side.

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by: Greg

I feel so sorry for you as I do know just what you are going through. I know losing Daisy is as painful as losing a human. We both treated and loved our pets like they were our children.

I still think about Max every day. We do have to be thankful for the memories we have as that is really what life is made up of.

Grieve and cry all that you have to and then go on with life. Daisy would not want you to be hurting. Remember, she is waiting in that rainbow place now.

Sincerely, Greg

Daisy condolences
by: denise S

Chris and Jeanie, I am so sorry to hear about Daisy. To love a pet and then to watch them suffer and decline is heartbreaking.

However, to assist them in their journey to the other side where there is no suffering and plently of doggie treats is a selfless and courageous act of love.

Daisy was one lucky dog to have you as her "parents". and you were lucky to have found Daisy.

Your beloved boxer, Daisy
by: Todd

Chris and Jeanne,
I loved the poetic words you used to describe the love you had for Daisy. Through your descriptive writing I could picture Daisy riding in your car, sniffing all the wonderful smells of nature. I could also picture her dancing on her hind legs with you doing that Friday dance, and I could picture her snuggling with the two of you and liking popcorn so much.

Thank you for sharing your Daisy memories with us. Treasure the memories of this precious dog because your lives were beautifully enriched with the addition of Daisy in your lives.

by: Nancy

I can only imagine, having to have done that myself 8 years ago. The best thing you have is the memory of rescuing the most wonderful creature in the world and giving her the best home possible.

For Daisy's family
by: Connie

My collie Babe developed cancer also, same type, at seven years old. I had rescued him, or should I say he rescued me. tried everything to save him, but the disease took him anyway.

It is so hard to be the one left behind. I know we will see them again, after all all dogs go to heaven.

Take care of you. Daisy wants that, you know!!!

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