Our Wee Roxy <3

by Paula Cox

Wednesday 28th of December 2011 was a very sad day. We had to say goodbye to a wonderful, loyal, loving pet dog Roxy. She was in our lives for 11 years and 4 months.

She became sick just after Christmas Day. Her wee belly was all wrong. The vet said they couldn't fix her so we had to make that decision to let her go to heaven.

We got you at 4 weeks old and we had our ups and downs but you grew to be a loyal pet and even one of my kids.

We miss you so much, Roxy. I'm sorry you're not around.

I was there with you until that final breath. Your heart stopped on my chest while you were on the ground. I kissed you and cuddled you and told you that I'm so grateful for having you as our little dog.

We all miss you, our wee wean. Sleep tight, my wee angel. Mummy's heart is in so much pain.

I will take some of you ashes to the river where we used to go every day. I'd sit and watch you while you'd be swimming around in the water.

Our wee Roxy, our wee friend, sleep tight, my little angel. I'll see you in the end xx

Roxy Cox 23/08/2000 - 28/12/2011 xxxx

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Miss You
by: roxys mum

Would love to see your little face just once more.

This house is so weird without you, Roxy, but I know you're here. I can still smell you.

Wednesday is going to be a bad day. Everyone's away to work and school and mummy will be on her own cause you're not there.

I hope you're at rest now. I can't wait to have you back home.

We miss your wee clip cloppy toes and your snoring, running around the garden, scratching your bum on the trees, your wee muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. But most of all, we miss your little kisses. xxxxx

Wee Roxy x
by: auntie nicky

Can't belive you have gone, Roxy. Wen I came in the house you were always the one to meet me at the door. You always annoyed your granny with licking her all the time. She hated it hehe.

You were one of the family and we are all going to miss you. Don't be fighting too much with Jazz and old Shep. You were always the boss!

Goodnight wee mad Roxy. I will miss you. xxxxx

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