Our Shar-pei Mix Named Gooch

by Lynn Learch
(Prunedale, CA)

Gooch entered our lives so unexpectedly at 1 1/2 and lived with us for 12 and 1/2 years. He just died November 20, 2012. We buried him under a woodland oak.

Gooch brought so much affection, joy and amusement. His personality entertwined with ours. I often said Gooch and my husband looked a lot alike.

He loved taking walks (which we did every day), chasing the feral cats, and sleeping on the sofa at night while I watched TV. At bedtime he slept in between my husband and me, and often he would stretch out on our king size bed and push us to the side.

I will profoundly miss his facial expressions, wag of his tail, licks on my face and the thousands of greetings when I arrived home. My heart feels ripped out and is in terrible pain.

I didn't want to let him go yesterday but he could not walk very well and had pain from displasia, and back pain. We carried him up and down stairs and had a support harness for when we went out on walks. My husband could see his suffering but I was in denial.

When the vet euthanized him, he went so quickly. He just sank down in the front car seat half way through the dose.

It is such a heavy burden to lose a beloved companion and friend. We feel their vulnerability so keenly. He depended on me and I wanted him to live forever.

I asked God to keep his soul. When I go to heaven I want to see him again.

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I'm So Sorry
by: Toby's Mommy

I so very sorry for your loss and the pain you are feeling. Reflect on your memories.

Peace to You
by: Gary

We lost our Schnauzer on the same day. It all happened too quickly. He died in my arms, on his own. King was only six. We enjoyed his company for short four years.

Till the day when we cross the rainbow bridge with our pets and are welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.

Peace to you.

The Love of an Animal Is Embedded Forever in Your Heart
by: Mustang's Granny

I too know and share your feelings of desperation and the sadness that you now possess with the passing of your precious family pet. We understand how memories hold us dear. You have so sweetly expressed those in your memorial.

Never let go. Your precious Gooch watches and waits. It only seems like a moment as they rest peacefully until your presence comes again.

Bless you and know there are many pet owners who share your sentiment. Prayers and much love sent your way from a Grandma that lost her precious Labbie Mustang boy in 2010.

Mustang's Granny

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