Our Lovely Big Girl, Jessie

by Ron & Anthea
(Wallasey, England)

Jessie sitting pretty on the mat

Jessie sitting pretty on the mat

Lived with us as our Big Girl from March 1997 to 2.45am, 8th January 2009.

We knew and loved you from the moment you were born. We rescued you in Papua New Guinea, and took you with us when we went to Australia and then brought you to England a few years ago. We finally brought you here to France only a few weeks ago.

You have travelled the world with us, never been left, always by our sides. You were spoilt like a child; slept on our beds whenever you felt like it or you thought we needed your company. We loved you as our child.

You gave us your unconditional love and devotion. In return we gave you every thing we possibly could, gave you as good a life as you wanted, good food, nice walks, (especially those on the beach), great home, and us as your devoted "parents."

Anyone that met you wanted to stop and stroke you, they all knew you were a friendly very special pet. Children loved you, you loved children, even cats liked you and wanted you as their friend. You liked them to be close to you too, sometimes, even letting them share your bed.

I have no idea how life will be without you, you are so special and are such a good friend, the bestest ever. You made so many people happy and made so many friends.

We have had such happy times all together, you protected us, laughed, smiled, cried, even got bored with us. Sometimes when you travelled in the car you would lean your head on the back of the seat just like a bored child, staring at the cars behind and making them laugh.

Heaven is getting a very, very special dog who will join her good friend and surrogate mum, Sammie, who passed away two years ago. They will be doggie angels looking over us all and waiting for us to join them once again.

There were three amigos, Jessie, Sammie and Wantok, now there is only Wantok left.

We love you Jessie, we know you loved us both. You will never be replaced, you will always be in hearts and in our minds. Our lovely, beautiful, devoted friend forever and ever, God Bless you and take care of you. Amen

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15 months on
by: Mum & Dad

It is over a year since our beloved Jess left our house. She is with us all the time. We have grieved and grieved.

She is such a beautiful memory, a memory we shall never forget. She is just as much a part of our life now. Though she is not with us in person, she is with us in spirit.

We love you Jess. You are always our Big Girl.

Loss and grief about a FRIEND gone
by: Theodore

My dear friends, I fully understand your pain. Our dog, our "little girl" who passed away on January 28th, 2008, was a member of our family for 14 years.

It is amazing what huge amounts of true and unconditional love she conveyed to all of us. Truly and honestly, I doubt if any human can do better.

My thoughts are with you...

We feel like we knew you too...
by: Kevin & RA


We came out of a blizzard, 8 hours on the road (maybe you saw us?!), finally to shelter and to our lifeline hookup & our friends-- your family.

Ron and Anthea let us know you are gone. We'd been thinking about you these past weeks and hearing all the things that Ron and Anthea have done to keep you going on the earthly plane. Good companions are hard to find. You had such a lovely life with them and now it is time to rest, but they will have a much
harder time without you.

We wish we could have met in person, Jess, but we feel like we did get to know you, your gentle spirit that accepted all creatures and had a wag and smile for everyone. We treasure the picture of you, and we will try to help your two-legged guardians get through the hard times ahead. No one can fill your paws...go gently into the night,

Love, Ruthanne and Kevin

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