Our Loveable Dog Rusty (Rusty dog)

by Sunshine
(Jamestown, NM)

Seven years ago, Rusty came into our life. He is a Golden Retriever mix. My husband had just recently lost his dog after 14 years. Then, a week later, Rusty was adopted. We took him into our home. He was about two years old at the time.

As he got to know us, and we got to know him, he started to protect us, and his home. He was a runner. Every now and then, we would take him to run, and he would run fast, and jump over the bushes. He would not slow down for anything. Rusty loved to run.

When my husband and I would sit outside, and we let him off the leash, Rusty and our other dog Hershey, would just enjoy being around us. Rusty would come to us and lay his head on our laps. When I was working outside, doing yard work, Rusty would lay in the shade and scan the area. He was just doing his job as a dog. And, he has done his job.

In the evenings, feeding time, when we scooped out the dog food, he would start to run to his dog house, ready to be fed.

Rusty got sick about three weeks ago. We took him to the vet, who ran some tests. We brought Rusty home, but he was not himself. He was not eating at all. Finally, yesterday, August 22, 2011, we had to take him back in to the vet.

The doctor told us that she had bad news. Rusty had a mass of tumor in his body. And, operating maybe would not work. So, my husband and I had to make the hard decision. We decided not to let Rusty suffer any more.

I know it will take time to heal from this loss. But, I know he is not suffering any more. Rusty was a friendly, strong protector, and we will not forget him. The memory of our dog Rusty will live on.

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For Sunshine, Owner of Rusty
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

I'm so sorry to read about Rusty. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. We are all going through a rough time with the loss of our pets. I too, lost my "Tiger" to aggressive cancerous tumours and had to reluctantly put him to sleep last June so I know exactly how you are feeling at this time.

I suffered so much heartache, and it never stopped hurting one ounce, until another doggie came to us (that was the spitting image of our Tiger, except for two minor features) as his parents were migrating to another country. He has brought so much love and joy into our hearts here at home and helped (especially) me get over that awful hurt that I was suffering daily.

Give yourself time to grieve as it is a necessary process that we much all go through, but in time, you will need to move on while not forgetting your darling Rusty. Always remember that there are other pets waiting for care and loving attention.

Again, please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your wonderful dog, Rusty. He is probably frolicking around in Doggie Heaven with all the other guys and dolls that have crossed over. And after all that running around, he'll be resting in peace.

Thank-you Christina
by: Sunshine

Thank-you for your comment. It lighten my heart. I'm sorry about your dog Jake. I'm sure they met each other, and are happy, and healthy.

It's still a little hard for us, and our other dog Hershey. I can tell she's starting to miss him. I was talking to her to let her know what had happen.

We know it's going to take time to heal. Sometimes it's just that way. We get too attached to them, like kids. I guess this is a healing time together for us.

I know your dog Jake was a cool, awesome dog like Rusty. Once again, thank-you. I will keep you in my prays for comfort, God blessed.

Rusty Is in Heaven With Jake
by: Christine in Virginia

You would not believe how much Rusty looks like my Jake! I lost Jake on August 5, 2011. He was 10½ and also had cancer. He was my constant companion and protector, just like Rusty was for you.

I know you miss your dear Rusty, and I know the horrible ache in your heart. Please know that you are not alone. I hope Rusty and Jake have gotten to meet each other in doggy heaven.

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