Our First Christmas Without Eve :(

by Amanda

I am missing my baby girl Eve, who had been a part of my life for almost 12 years. She was one of the best and most loving dogs that any child or person could have ever wanted. She was known by all my family.

She trained all of our other dogs and taught them how to fetch and run after a ball. No matter how far I or the kids threw it, Eve always brought that same rock back.

Now it's my first Christmas without her. I used to buy her a stocking every year to hang witb my kids' stockings because that's the love that we shared.

She was so dear to us. I know she's in doggie heaven and I hope to meet or see her again one day because my heart is aching from the loss of her and this being our first Christmas without her.

God, please give me the strength to pull through this, please.

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I Know How You Feel
by: Gina

We lost our black lab Milo in June 2012. This was our first Christmas without him. I honestly have not had a more difficult Christmas. But I believe that all pets go to a place where they are happy and wait to be reunited with us again one day.

Heartfelt Understanding
by: Martha

My deepest sympathy is with you for your loss. It is difficult to adjust. May God's grace of comfort and added strength be with you.

This will be our first Christmas without our beloved Gabbygirl. She was always included in our Christmas photo cards with our boys for nearly 14 years.

Your Eve is in good company. You will see her again in heaven.

God Bless!

Missing My Boy Too
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. We had our dog, Humphrey, for 10 years. We have since rescued a great yellow lab, named Gunnar, who is a real sweetheart, but not a day goes by that I don't miss our Humphrey.

He left us May 5th. I always told him he was my "Best Boy."

With tears in my eyes I hung the ornament with his name on the tree, and remember the way he used to love Christmas. One of our boys who got married several years ago used to always come over Christmas Eve, and if there was snow on the ground he and the two boys still living at home used to to run around in the yard with Humphrey, having the best time.

So far there is no snow this year, and I kind of hope there isn't because it will hurt so much to think of those years he was so happy running !! I know he is running around in heaven. I made some beautiful prints of Humphrey with the Rainbow Bridge story on it!

First Christmas Without Eve
by: Dorothy Morrell

I feel your pain also!!! It's also my first Christmas without my two dogs Trixie and Zoli. :-(

Christmas blessings to you.

I Know Your Pain...
by: cindy

I too am having the first Christmas without my "little boy with fur" Bruty.

I am also mourning the loss of my father-in-law, my cousin-in-law (who was like a big brother to me), the best cat I ever had, named Drifter, a lab named Buckshot and a newfoundland named Big Bear.

All of the furry friends were old except Drifter the cat. He just chose to leave. I guess he wanted to save me the burden of losing him too.

It's been a really bad year. I can't seem to find my Christmas spirit this year, so you are not alone.

I know all of our precious furry children are having a wonderful time in heaven. No more pain, just happiness. That's what will keep us going until we see them again.

God bless...


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