Our Dog Jake

by Clive

Sue developed breast cancer.
I asked her if she wanted anything.
She said that she would love a dog.
We adopted a 4 year old border collie, Jake.
He was great from the start
Very gentle, loved to play ball.
Loved to find his toys when we hid them.
Refused to fetch toys from the waste paper basket
Stared at the toy and waited
Just a wonderful great dog.
He made us laugh.
He helped us through many dark moments of Sue's illness.
He climbed all the Wainwrights.
He started to slow down.
His joints were very arthritic.
He always tried his best.
Always so pleased to welcome you home
The thump thump of the tail on the floor.
Bad news on Sue's illness.
I sat on the stairs and cried.
Jake at my side giving warmth and comfort.
He got ill.
We thought it was the end.
We got another collie (Trim).
Jake's arthritis got worse.
He went swimming at the Hydrotherapy pool every week.
It was just part of the week – Jake’s swimming day.
He loved it
We loved watching him.
His arthritis got worse.
We could no longer take the dogs out together.
He couldn't walk very far.
Take Trim for a walk
Come back to the thump thump from Jake.
Take him for a short amble.
His arthritis got worse.
His back legs started collapsing.
He still kept swimming.
He had to be supported to walk.
He didn't understand what was happening.
He looked at us for help.
We had to decide – was now the time?
Carry him out in his basket into the winter sun.
The blue anaesthetic into his vein.
Sinking into a deep sleep
Never to return.
Now I remember what grief is.
I can’t stem the tears.
Coming in from walking Trim
No tail thumping in welcome
I miss my furry friend.
He gave so much.
I think of him.
It hurts.
I am tender and raw inside.
I know that one day it will not be that way.
One day I will remember him with fond memories.
Today it hurts too much.
Today is not that day.
Everywhere I look I see his ghost.

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by: Daphne

I am trying to type this through tears dripping from my chin. Yes, Jake was a wonderful friend and could not have been loved more by you and Sue. Jake will never ever be forgotten and will always live on in our hearts.

Our Pets Are Special Beyond Words
by: Anonymous

Beautifully said. To say I feel all of the pain you wrote about is to put it mildly. But it does help to read what others, like you, have written, and to understand that none of us are alone in our feelings of raw grief. Only time will lessen it, but it never ever goes away. It just becomes tolerable. Thank you.

Thank you
by: Joy - UK

Your words are agonisingly beautiful. There are so many, including me, who can connect with the passion of your grief. Jake loves you still.

Blessings and many thanks for sharing your profound loss.

You Are Not Alone
by: Bob

I hope we both can find the peace we are looking for. You are in my prayers.

Memories of Jake
by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear about Jake. He must have been a wonderful friend and companion. I love animals.

I lost my Carley back in May and I still mourn the decision I had to make that dreaded day. However, I knew it was the last loving thing I could give to her. I cried for months and I am still crying. She was my baby.

I know someday we will look back on Jake and Carley and think of the silly things they did to make us laugh and their unconditional love that was there from the time we got them.

I know it is hard. Do not let anyone tell you not to be sad, because Jake was a member of your family.

I am planning on getting a puppy in the spring. I know Carley would approve.

Take care and always keep Jake in your heart.

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