Our Dog Hunter

Dear Hunter,

You were so unlike your name - one of the gentlest dogs that ever was. And one of the most handsome. You made a person feel so wanted, as if they were the only one in the world for you. Men could learn a thing or too from you.

Sometimes I would stare at you in wonder. Was this big daft dog the tiny puppy that came home one day. Yes, you were a little daft. But so were all of us, and that is why we miss your daftness so much. I hope you are in doggy heaven.

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My Four-Legged Cousin
by: Navyakka

I remember the first time I saw this little gold ball of fur, who was named long before he was born... Hunter!!

He was the cutest puppy ever. Those big bright eyes with drooping ear and peeing everywhere he went, and also spreading a lot of joy!!

But to be honest, I was dreading the time when Hunter would grow up. I even carefully avoided being in the same room as him for about 2 years after he was a fully grown dog. It was not about him, but I have been so scared of dogs since I was a kid. And I was not willing to overcome that fear as well.

But then magic happened (it might sound too clichéd, but it really did) when I first put my hand on him and he just looked at me. And my fear went down the drain.

Hunter, thank you for helping me with this and being so patient.

Since then, there was no looking back. Hunter was very much a part of all the best memories we have had together as a family.

Drives to Davangere, dancing in the rain with you, you jumping between Hema and me during our handshake, or just sitting and patting you.

You brought so much happiness into our lives. You will continue to be in our memories forever. <3

You were indeed my four-legged cousin. I miss you, Hunter.

Love You Forever!
by: Hunter's Mom

When you entered our (soon to become your) house that afternoon 15th Aug, 2003 as a 4 week old puppy, little did we know how our lives would be changed forever with your presence. As the only one in the family who opposed having a dog at home, isn't it ironic that you got closest to me? From that day till you lied down on my lap motionless on the evening of 21st Oct, 2015, never was there a dull moment in our family and house with you around.

You were the most well behaved and "so unlike a dog" puppy, we always wondered if you were a human being in a dog's body, with all emotions. Imagine Hema naming you Hunter. You were so unlike a hunter, so pleasant, cheerful and adorable.

If I had to rate the best moments of us, I would be confused among these... Your bath time where you gave yourself completely to me for 2 hours (the best was when you let me clean your ears) without moving an inch, your walk time where you walked yourself next to us with your leash in your mouth, you helping me by running around back and forth during my gardening time, you sitting next to me quietly during my embroidery time, watching all tennis matches with us on TV, or hiding behind me during Diwali time!! Can't really rate, they were ALL THE BEST times we had together!!

You were an awesome listener too! Listening to Hema's Biology lessons while she was reading out loud! I guess Harsha found a perfect friend in you when Hema left Bangalore for her college. I won't even know if daddy turned you into an atheist with all his lectures in my absence.

The way you used to enjoy the long car drives with air brushing your golden curls on your face was a pleasure to watch!! The way you used to observe the road, I am sure you would reach directly home in case you were ever lost. How much I tried to get you into water to make sure you had not lost the skill of swimming. Forget swimming, you refused to get near any water!:-)

Do you remember how you saved us from that baby snake by continuously barking to draw our attention? Do you also remember how you dug up the side near the kitchen when we left the gas of the stove open? Do you also remember how naughty you were and uprooted all my favourite plants when we left you alone and went to a friend's place? How innocent and guilty you looked when I yelled at you after? Do you remember tearing the property papers where my photo was stuck, and tearing my towel because you were missing mom!?

You brought so much joy and happiness to all the people around you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to our family. I'm sure it's difficult for people to believe when we say you were therapeutic. You were! Really! Friends got over their dog phobia only because of you. You were so handsome and majestic. It was fun watching you walk like a king on the road in our community, ignoring all the female dogs drooling over you!

You were so dignified, even on the hospital table when they were doing the scan for your tumor. I didn't even take it seriously and never thought it was a life threatening tumor that was growing in you. How easy it was to give you any tablets. You made everything easy for us, including you going away from us. You knew it would be extremely difficult for us to see you suffer. So, you gracefully exited with a nice morning walk and a quiet afternoon on mom's lap. I was sure to bring you back active after the doctor's visit. I never imagined bringing you motionless in your favourite car.

I miss you all the time, I see you at every corner of the house. I miss talking to you, yelling at you, feeding you, bathing you and just looking at you. Did you hear from wherever you are, what daddy said after you left us? He wants to get me a turtle next so that I won't be there to see him go like the way I witnessed you go.

Hunter! You gave so much happiness to all of us. We're very sure you were happy to have such loving family too! You were and you will be the center of attraction in our house. I know you will have enough to talk about your crazy, loving and loud family to all your fellow friends in doggy heaven. They may even decide to send you back home.

Love you till moon and back. Till we all meet again.

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