Our Best Friend Bonny (Bon Bon)

by Janette Oswald
(Bolton, England)


We have just lost our beautiful german shepherd Bonny. She was only 8 years old. We miss and love her so much. It feels like our hearts have been ripped out. We had to make that dreadful decision to have her put to sleep.

It started in August this year. She wasn't her usual self. She sat there with her ears back, feeling very cold. Her gums were extremely white. Something felt wrong, so we decided to rush her to the vets.

We was not prepared for what the vet had to say. He told us that Bonny had suffered a bleed internally due to her spleen rupturing. I could not believe what I was hearing. Our poor Bonny was fine just a day ago.

She had a tumour on her spleen. The vet had no option but to remove her spleen straight away. That was so horrible, waiting for that dreadful phone call, to tell us whether she had survived or not. We finally had a phone call to tell us she was fine. Three days later we picked her up and brought her home.

Meanwhile, we just had to make her comfortable and give her plenty of love. That was easy with Bonny. She loved all the affection. I decided to put her on a special diet and not include dog food, just to make sure she was getting the best. This seemed to make her very well after a week.

Then she had a visit to the vets, which unfortunately was not good news. The vet told me she had a cancerous tumour which is called haemagasarcoma. I felt helpless and so upset to think that I would not see our little furry friend this Christmas.

She seemed fine for a month and then it hit her. She just didn't eat. We had to feed her like a baby. Nothing we gave her worked. I even cooked a marrow bone. But no, she would not touch it.

We had to help her. She was in pain and was bloated.

We said goodbye, which was the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with. My family and I are devastated.

We said goodbye whilst the vet injected her with her lethal dose. Oh my god, I cried. I held her to the end, telling her I loved her and not to be scared. She was not scared one bit, I felt this. She felt secure, probably because we did this at home. The thought of taking her to the vets was not on my agenda.

My last wish for our best friend was to make her feel loved at home. We are so glad we did this for her. We will miss her every day, but know she will be waiting for us, when our time comes.

We love you Bonny always in our hearts.

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Your Dog / My Dog!
by: Anonymous

You story is almost exactly the same as mine. My beautiful GSD girl called Rufi went in almost the same manner to the same condition. Even down to the glorious month after the initial operation when she seemed to be making a fantastic recovery.

I feel tremendously for you and understand your loss entirely. It doesn't work for everyone but I knew I had to replace her (as best as you can ) immediately, so after a few weeks I looked around the Dogs Homes and GSD Rescue Centres and found my darling Fred. He is a GSD approximately 7 or 8 years old who had led a terrible life.

I've had him about 18 months now and watching his recovery and his development as a fantastic dog as he settled into our home has been the best treatment I could ever have received.

Bob XX

I Miss My Dog Pokey
by: Aric

I am so sorry for your loss.

Our dog Pokey had to be put to sleep on the 14th because of a spleen condition. He was only 8 years old as well. On the day we took him to the vet, we took turns carrying him around the park and then set him down so he could sniff and go to the bathroom.

Despite the fact that his bloodwork reports had rapidly deteriorated he ran around and even wagged his tail, trying to be strong for us.

I feel so many emotions now when I walk and run on the trails that Pokey and I used to travel. Many times I have thought I heard the jingle of a collar or a scratch at the back door.

We have so many good memories of Pokey, but I just wish he could have lived another 8 years.

So Sad
by: Jan

It's too sad for words when it's time for them to go. But knowing we were so privileged to have them in our lives helps. To know that they brought us joy and we gave them joy too helps. They enrich our lives beyond words and that is why it is so difficult to let them go.

May time heal your heart and pain. Your dog will have known your love. You did your very best for him.

I'm So Sorry
by: Sue

I am so sorry for your loss. Like you, I knew when it was time for our lab Jake to go, and that it was going to be at home, not at the vet's, where he hated to go.

So we were able to hold him while the vet gave him the shot. He too seemed secure.

It has been 7 months and I still miss him so much. May you find some comfort in your memories of Bonny.

Stay on Her Side
by: Anonymous

Keep talking to her, she will be still on your side. Give her love while you think about her. I lost my Hercules 6 days ago. I still talk to him, like he is still here, what I believe in.

It isn't a shame to miss the only "person" who really loved us with no compromises at all.

Sorry for your loss and the tough time.

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