Our Beloved Humphrey 23 July 07 to 18 Feb 2010

by Karina Sardana
(Ottawa ON Canada)

You chose us to share your journey and allowed us to cherish you in your short life. We mourn with such despair of your life that was cut short, and our future with you. To look into your eyes the one last time and to clutch you before saying goodbye was the hardest decision of all.

I know you tried to tell us that you were sick, and by the time we realised you had Addison's disease, it had conquered you. Our thanks to Blair Road Veterinary Clinic for the 5 months of exhaustive efforts to keep you on this earth.

You were such a good boy. You tried so hard to be our big dog. The frightened look in your eyes is no more. You kept telling us, and we finally listened, but our hearts ache, they truly ache.

We truly love you deeply. You were part of our family and we miss you terribly, our beautiful boy. Keep watch over us pup pup, you will always be the guardian of our home who keeps us safe. Bless you Humpty, thank you for all your devotion and never ending love. Our hearts ache for what could have been but was taken away.

We got Humphrey, a Neapolitan Mastiff, from a breeder in Quebec. He was 8 weeks (Sept. 2007) when he blessed us with his beautiful presence. In Oct 2009, he was such a brilliant dog, an integral member of our family. He loved playing with his best friend Tucker (Bernese Mountain Dog), loved going for runs in the snow down to the river, loved cuddling in my bed with me and loved being the man of the house.

He started getting sick in the summer of 2009. He was withdrawn. He went into Addisonal shock (we didn't know this at the time). Our veterinary clinic stabilised him and ran a barrage of tests. He was diagnosed with Addison's disease.

Our beautiful boy was never the same. He was on medication but this disease was already in control. We had to say goodbye to our baby 18 Feb 2010. We are devastated.

We love you Humphrey,
Karina, Tarek, Olivia, Courtney, Benjamin and Jasper xoxo

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