Our Beloved BB, Our Little Bunny Girl. 3/3/1993 -10/25/2011

by Joan M.
(Baton Rouge, LA)

She entered our life on my birthday, 2/12/94. I wanted a dog so badly. We went to a rather new shelter in town that was the only one that didn't euthanize. I didn't want a puppy, no chewing and piddle pads for me. I asked if they had a dog about a year old. They brought out the only dog they had that was an adult.

I had to laugh out loud. I thought, oh my goodness is that thing ugly. I didn't know what to make of her, but she was glad to see me. She was this wild haired, black and white mottled something or other. She was up in my lap and jumping all over the place. She didn't smell too good at all.

My husband looked at her and said, "You've got to be kidding, that is one ugly dog." I said,"Well, if we don't adopt her, who will?"

Her history said she was given up by a couple going through a divorce and her name was DD....I had a niece named DD so that would have been awkward for me to call her that. I said well, it will be BB (for beautiful bitch I said). She was born on March 3,1993.

She jumped right in the car with us, happy to escape her prison, I suppose. I had to roll down the window, she smelled so strongly. We got her home and bathed her.

At first we had to adapt to being dog owners. She stayed in the back yard during the day and we put her in the bathroom with the light on at night. Well, those conditions changed quickly as she got out of our yard and apparently had a close call with a car. She came home all scraped up. So then she was an inside dog. Unfortunately for me, she became a daddy's girl... traitor.

So I finally talked him into letting her sleep with us. She didn't like to sleep on the bad though, she would come snuggle a minute, play get the foot where we'd act like we were going to grab her foot and she would hide it under her, and then give us nite nite kisses and then go down on the floor to sleep at the end of the bed.

I see her young again, playing with her favorite ball, pushing it with her nose in circles, then bouncing it off her nose...

She had a favorite toy, a stuffed bunny, so after that, all toys were called her "bunny." She loved to get them and squeak them, eventually popping the squeaker inside.My sister would get her a new squeaky toy every Christmas and I swear she knew that she had a present coming.

The funny one I remember most was this big pink soft squeaky saxophone that did a rather deep squeak. She loved it. She got on her back and did her happy dog squirming around and squeaked and squonked it. She would play keep away with us and not let us get it from her.

She was a brilliant dog with a great vocabulary. She knew the difference between my daughters' names and would go find whichever one I told her to find. She knew her different toys' names, she knew the word "bacon" well.

Her daddy took her every Sunday with him to McDonalds to get our breakfast and they handed her a piece of bacon. So the Sunday question was "you wanna go get bacon?" and she got all excited then.

On one excursion she got excited at the sight of a dog and jumped out the window and rolled down into a ditch. She never tried that again. It scared the heck out of my husband.

She was such a loyal, faithful , brave dog. She was our sweet little girl. We will miss her so much. We kept telling her she could go, but she just didn't want to leave. We didn't have the heart to have her euthanized. We were going to tomorrow if she was still hanging in there. She was in some pain, and very bony and couldn't eat the last 2 days of her life.

Mama and Daddy love you BB, so very much. We hope to see you again. You can run and play until we get there honey.

Love, Mama

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