Our Baby Girl....RIP Bella 05/27/05-08/03/10

by Stacy

We got Bella when she was 8 weeks old--my now-husband and I were trying to pick a puppy out, and she picked us by stopping dead in front of our feet and rolling around playfully. We just couldn't say no. I spent hours on the internet, looking for just the right name. We settled on Bella, which is French for beautiful.

She started out being the typical pain in the butt puppy--chewing on furniture, shoes, etc., and potty training was slow. But she evolved into the best friend I've ever had. When I got pregnant with our son, she was very protective of me and would squeeze in between my husband and me on the couch.

After our son was born, she was just as protective over him, but not ever in a mean, ferocious way. She was always very gentle, even as our son grew up and tried riding on her like a pony! She slept a lot and was lazy as some basset hounds are, but was always there waiting for you when you got home, wanting to lick your hand. She kept my son and I company (and was somewhat of a watch dog!) while my husband was out of town working.

In February of this year, we decided to get another puppy, as Bella was unoffically "my" dog, and my husband wanted one to work cattle with. We got a blue heeler named Jake. The two of them didn't get along at first, but slowly she began to tolerate him and they would run and play outside on our acreage.

Unfortunately, the two of them started to chase cars. Bella was the most stubborn dog I've ever seen, and wouldn't stay away from the road. This morning, as my son and I were leaving for work/daycare, she was chasing me as usual and somehow got caught under the car. We felt a big bump and, thinking I had run over a rock or something, I turned around and found Bella laying in our neighbors yard, barely breathing.

By the time my husband came out, she was gone. I never thought I would care so much for an animal, but my heart just aches and the tears keep coming. I hope she knows I would never intentionally hurt her, how very sorry I am, and how much we are going to miss our little Bella bear. :'(

We love you Bella!!!

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by: Linda

I am so sorry for the loss of your little Bella! Please know she doesn't blame you and certainly wouldn't want you to blame yourself. Try to remember the happy times, the funny times and all the love Bella brought to your family and all the love YOU brought to her throughout her life.

You will see each other again someday. My heart goes out to you and yours!

Take care of yourself~ Darby's Mom at Doggyheaven.com

Forgive yourself
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, that is so sad. I am so sorry. Please forgive yourself. God Bless

My heart is with you
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your losing Bella, and for this horrible accident. Please forgive yourself. It's so difficult to lose a dog. They are our family. My heart goes out to you.

by: Nancy

I'm sorry. I'm grieving now that how my dog Fiona died. A car hit her! And she died in my arms! I felt so helpless!

So sorry
by: m stream

This made me cry. I am so sorry. Let me know if you need anything.

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