Norton the Wonder Doggie - 17 years and 10 months

by Callie Eide
(Eden Prairie, MN)

Dearest Baby Norton was the smallest of the litter. A German Shorthaired Pointer from a New Prague breeder, in 1993 she was sitting quietly in a pen with seven litter mates all barking up a storm. When she came home it became very clear that she was in need of a HUG frequently. This became the rule for the rest of her LONG Life. Whenever she needed a lap she got one, even at the most inopportune times. She loved to ride on my lap while I drove the Boat and tried when I drove the car, too.

She taught me the value of constant comfort. As she showed me that it's OK to ask for a "Lap," I learned with compassion how to be willing to do this myself. It's often hard to ask for help, but, according to Nortie, it's Always Ok to ask for a hug!

As comforting as this is, it is also the wisest lesson of life to be willing to offer our lap/hug to anyone at any time. What a wise little doggie she was. She loved to visit hospitals and old folks homes the best. Always a lap to receive and comfort to give.

She loved the move to Eden Prairie, especially once she realized she had her own room!!! The bunk bed was her favorite spot (unless there was a sunbeam and a loose down comforter in the Master bedroom). Her new Daddy Dave loved to ask her how she was each morning and she would ALWAYS check on him while he was napping to be certain he was having happy doggie dreams.

Her new caregivers Jill and Jack were her fave treat suppliers and she loved to be taken on walking tours around the neighborhood with Jill and to wait to see what special dinners she might whip up.

Norton would go downstairs to check Jack's room each time he left for Burnsville until the stairs got too much for her, then she would come and look at me inquiringly with that special little face of hers. Why does he leave, he's my family too!???

Nortie's last days were a blessing of love, good foods and precious memories. She had her last ladies luncheon with the BRIDESMAIDS where she held court right in the middle of all the activity - especially the present opening. On Wednesday, May 25 she had a car ride to the store for her own roasted chicken, cleaned the bedroom with Mom (her fave thing to do with the windows open and lots of activity), had visitors in the form of Auntie Tricia and the twins, and went to play at Lake Minnetonka at the two other houses where she had lived.

She smelled the Lilacs from the bushes where she spent the first spring of her life as I took her to Dr. Janet. She marched right into the office and through to the examining room that, her whole life, she had been so frightened to enter. She laid down in the middle of the floor and might as well have stuck out her leg for the shot. Even now she comforted me as she lay in my lap.

As this life ebbed away the candle which was lit in her honour flickered wildly and flame shot towards the ceiling with a puff of black smoke.

Bye Bye Nortie, we love you!

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by: Beth Traff

Norton was such a blessing. I am so happy that I got to spend one of her last days with her. I miss her. XO, me

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